Urea Buttons | Imitate Horn Buttons

Urea buttons are another kind of resin buttons. It is a high-end clothing button. Because of their unique material characteristics, they can imitate horn buttons and other opaque buttons.

Urea buttons

(Urea-formaldehyde, is a nontransparent thermosetting resin.)
Urea buttons are more resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali than ordinary resin buttons (polyester buttons), and can withstand hot water washing at around 120°C. And the hardness is higher, the abrasion resistance is better, and it is not easy to break. Therefore, it can be used for suits, coat, shirts, etc. that are often washed.
Urea buttons cannot be made transparent and pearly because of the characteristics of the material.
It can imitate horn buttons and other buttons with many patterns.

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Polyester Buttons | Resin Buttons Option

Polyester buttons are also called resin buttons. They are divided into simple white and black, pearl, transparent, imitate shell buttons etc. Resin buttons can be customized in any shape, color and size, and you can also engraved your logo. We provide custom wholesale resin buttons of any style.

Polyester buttons (Resin buttons) option

(Polyester most commonly refers to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). And Polyethylene terephthalate(PET), is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in fibres for clothing.)
Polyester buttons (Resin buttons) have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and high temperature washing without deformation, and can withstand 100°C hot water washing for about 1 hour. When clothes are ironed, you don’t need to be careful about damaging the buttons. It is also very scratch resistant and can be machine washed. Because of its simple processing, any button can be produced, so the color style is very rich, and it is widely used in clothing accessories.

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6 Mother of Pearl Shirt Buttons | White, Black, Fancy

Buttons are one of the most important parts of shirts. Different styles of high-end shirts need to be matched with different types of high-end shirt buttons. And mother of pearl shirt buttons are often used in high-end shirts. Different mother of pearl buttons have different pearl luster, use unique natural colors and materials to decorate your high-end shirts.

High-end formal shirts can use White mother of pearl shell buttons and Trocas shell buttons. Hawaiian shirts can use abalone shell buttons and Pinctada martensii buttons. Dark casual shirts can use Black mother of pearl shell buttons. Thicker shirts can use Pteria penguin buttons.

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Different Types of Buttons for Clothes | Professional

Buttons are not only to fix the opening of the clothes, but also an important embellishment of the clothes. There are many different types of buttons, which can be matched with different fashion clothes shirts. Finding the button that best matches your clothing style can make your clothing shirts more attractive.

how many types of buttons are there?

Buttons can be divided into more than 10 types according to materials, and there are 8 types of commonly used buttons. The following is the most professional button types introduction.
Commonly used button types are generally divided into resin buttons, plastic buttons, shell buttons, metal buttons, ABS buttons, wood buttons, coconut shell buttons, horn buttons, etc.
All types, you can custom buttons with logo.

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