Felt Patch VS Embroidered Patch

Felt patch are one type of embroidered patch. Embroidered patch can be made with different base fabric, felt is a common base fabric option.

Felt Patch

Felt patches can be divided into embroidered felt patches, chenille felt patches and silicone felt patches. It is a combination of a felt base and an embroidered logo, chenille logo or silicone logo.

Custom Felt Patches 2


chenille felt patches 238


Silicone Felt Patches 1


The surface of the felt has plush fibers, which is very soft and comfortable.

The edge of the felt patch are generally trimmed, and embroidery edges can also be used.


Embroidered Patch

Embroidered patches can be divided into felt embroidery patch, twill embroidery patch, leather embroidery patch, etc. It is a combination of different base fabric and embroidered logo.

felt embroidery patch 845


twill embroidery patch 906


leather embroidery patch 975


Twill and felt are the most commonly used base fabric options.

The edge of the twill can be Embroidered edging (wider border), woven edging (narrower border), trimming (no border), etc.

Woven Patch

In addition to embroidered patches, you can also opt for woven patches. There is a big difference between the production process, logo, base fabric of the woven patch and embroidered patch.


Embroidered Edging


Woven Edging



  • Woven patches production process is weaving the logo and the background through a woven machine at one time. Therefore, it cannot choose a different base fabric, And there is same woven texture by default.
  • The logo of the woven patch is flat and does not have the 3D effect of the embroidered logo, but it can be woven with a smaller logo. (smallest letter can be woven at a height of 1.5mm, while the smallest letter of the embroidered need to be 5mm high). So if your design text is small, it will be better to choose woven patches.
  • The edge of the woven patch can be Embroidered edging (wider border), woven edging (narrower border), trimming (no border), etc.


  • Cloth backing
  • Ironing backing
  • Velcro backing

You can easily install them by sewing or ironing.

Choose The Best Patches

Choose the correct patch type for your design. If you are not sure what you want, you can contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service. Just send your design, logo, size, quantity and other information, we will quickly reply to your inquiry, or get a free quote.

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