Custom Embroidered And Woven Keychains

Custom personalized embroidered keychains and woven keychains., Embroidery or weaving any name logo, make your brand stand out. You can use them for clothing, promotional, sale, jet, college, decoration, etc., in addition to keychains, you can also customize embroidered patches and woven patches. We can meet any of your needs.

“” provides high-quality embroidered keychains and woven keychains at cheap prices with no minimum, which can meet the customization needs of small and large enterprises. We have a fast turnaround time, from design to production and shipment Every step is professional and efficient.

Create your own embroidered keychains and woven keychains, you can customize any style, size, shape, color, logo, keyring accessories, etc. We will provide detailed digital samples for your confirm and improve the details. And take pictures after production is completed Ship after you confirm.

Embroidered Keychains

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The logo of the embroidered keychains is raised and has a 3D effect.
It is suitable for large logos, not suitable for small logos.
If you want to be more upscale, you can choose to embroider all backgrounds and logos.

Woven Keychains

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The logo of the woven keychains is flat, with high-density logo details, and can weave small logos.

embroidered keychains
Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery
woven keychains

Woven Patch Photo Gallery

You can choose a double-sided logo, or a single-sided logo, usually a double-sided logo.

Embroidered And Woven Keychains Accessories

You can choose any Keyring Accessories, if you want more unique accessories, please contact us, or send us the pictures of the accessories you want.

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woven keychains 878
woven keychains 879
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woven keychains 875


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Embroidered Edging (Wider Border)

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Woven Edging (Narrower Border)

embroidered keychains 822


Contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service, our professional team can accurately customize the keychain you want. Just send your logo, size, color, design, idea, quantity or reference pictures and other information, we will reply you quickly and quote. We have a professional design team that can provide free design services, will provide detailed digital samples for your confirm and improve the details.

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