Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags

Custom wholesale high-quality metal swivel snap hooks, mainly used for bags, purses, handbags, keychain, clothing accessories, etc. You can choose any style, size and color, or engraved your brand logo.

Swivel Snap Hooks Type

We can custom and wholesale any style of swivel snap hooks. You can choose the style picture you want from our website or the style picture from other places. And choose any metal color. Or contact us, we will send more style according to your needs.

Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags 5
Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags 8
Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags 7
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Custom Leather Keychains Bulk

Custom made leather keychains bulk, embossed your logo, personalized your own leather key ring with durable genuine or faux leather.

We provide custom leather keychains for global brands. Including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc. Large or small quantity? We have no minimum and can meet the customization needs of both large and small business.

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Custom Soft And Hard Enamel Keychains

Custom high-quality soft enamel keychains and hard enamel keychains, use rich metal colors and enamel logos to create refreshing keychains. You can also customize as pins, badges, pendants, charms, jewelry, medals and more.

You can custom enamel keychains in any color, size and shape, and match any keyring accessories. Or add clear epoxy. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless, we can do any colorful design.

Soft Enamel Keychains

soft enamel keychains 1

The soft enamel keychain is cheaper and has a debossed enamel logo with a strong three-dimensional effect. It is the most commonly used keychain style.

Hard Enamel Keychains

hard enamel keychains 4

Hard enamel keychain cost more, have a flat enamel logo, and are more complicated to craft. The logo is flat with no obvious bumps.

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Custom Design Keychains NO Minimum

Custom design keychains with brand logo for your business. You can personalized any material, size, color, shape and style, and match different key rings to make your own key chain tag.

Custom Different Types Of Keychains

Various types of keychains: metal (engraving, enamel keychains), embroidery, leather, rubber (pvc), lanyard, etc. Transform any material, design, shape into a personalized keychain.

Custom Design Metal Keychains NO Minimum

Metal Keychains

Personalized metal keychains are durable and have a luxurious feel. You can choose from different metal colors and choose to engraving your logo or fill it with any enamel color. It is very suitable for promotional gifts to enhance your brand value.

Custom Rubber (PVC) keychains 872

Rubber (PVC) keychains

Rubber (pvc) keychain with rich colors and amazing 3d effects. It can make intricate designs and is very durable. Ideal for sportswear.

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