Custom Shirt Boxes

Custom wholesale luxury and cheap shirt boxes, print your logo, and choose any style, size, color, material, texture, etc.

Custom Shirt Boxes
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Different Types of Shirt Boxes

Folding box with lid, luxury gift boxes, or corrugated shipping boxes, we can do whatever you want. We use the finest paper materials and printing inks to ensure the best quality and durability.

Folding Box With Lid

Folding boxes with lids are commonly used for packaging shirts. They are very easy to assemble and can be transported squarely, which can greatly reduce transportation costs. We use a unique folding structure to avoid exposing the cut edges and affecting the quality of the box.

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Luxury Rigid Gift Boxes

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Luxury rigid gift box are perfect for high-end shirts, suits, jackets and more., it has nice thickness and neat edges. The exquisite gift box will bring high-quality brand value to your high-end shirts.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the best packaging option for shipping your shirt. Corrugated boxes have a unique corrugated structure, which is lightweight, thick, and can be flat shipping. It can greatly reduce shipping costs while protecting your shirt.


Logo Printing

Print your logo using our extensive range of printing technologies. Like hangtag printing, you can use printing: color printing, foil (gold, silver, red, green, etc.), UV, Engraved and Embossed. We ensure that all printed logos are clear and high-quality.


Paper Material

You can choose any color and texture of paper. Tell us your usage, size, and we will recommend the best thickness to ensure your shirt packaging is of the same high quality as always.
Paper boxes are the same as paper hang tags, you can choose different paper materials and choose any color and texture. For example: crocodile pattern, litchi pattern, black, white, kraft paper, pink, or choose the color according to Pantone card. (matte and glossy)


Shirt Packaging Accessories

You can custom shirt clips, shirt cardboard, inserts, etc., in any size, shape, color, LOGO.

Shirt Packaging Accessories

Best Shirt Boxes Manufacturer

As the best shirt box manufacturer, we custom high-quality shirt boxes for global brands and individuals at competitive prices and no minimum. Custom a unique shirt box can make your shirt brand stand out. If you are looking for high quality and unique shirt boxes, our wide range of packaging and quality technology can make your ideas a reality with ease. No matter what style you want, we guarantee high quality and exquisite durability.

Ask the Experts

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately custom the shirt boxes you want. Just send your logo, design, color, size, quantity or reference pictures and other information, we will reply quickly and quote.

Select the box style you want from our Photo Gallery, or other unique styles, we can design and produce it according to the picture. We have a professional design team to provide free design and will provide detailed digital samples for you to confirm and improve the details before production. After production is completed, we will take photos for you to confirm before shipping. We make sure every order is perfect.

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