What is a woven label? | How to make woven labels?

What is a woven label?

Woven label express logos, text and graphics through fine yarn. It has the characteristics of high quality, various color, soft hand feeling, etc. It is widely used in many high quality clothing, because it has beautiful looks, and price is economic.

About the price of woven labels:

The price of woven labels is higher than that of printed labels, because its quality is better.
Although larger quantity of woven labels, the lower unit price, but too much inventory will also reduce your profits.
Therefore, it is very important to find a woven labels manufacturer who can do small quantity with reasonable price.

About the color of woven labels:

Although printed labels can have more colors than woven labels, woven labels can also have enough colors (8 colors are available). It’s just that the logo styles of the two are different, and the price of woven labels will be higher. Woven labels and printed labels have their own advantages.
Therefore, it is very important to choose the right label according to your needs.

What is a woven label
Woven Labels with Own Logo Name for Clothing

How to make woven labels?

The materials of woven labels are usually polyester and satin, we call it damask woven labels and satin woven labels.

Make damask woven labels
  • Firstly, choose damask or selvage satin woven label, confirm design.
  • Secondly, woven fabric string to form a tape (the high density woven label logo quality will be better).
  • Thirdly, cut the tape into a complete label.
    Cutting can use hot cutting and laser cutting. We use laser cutting by default, because hot cut labels are easy to irritate the skin, laser cut labels are smoother.
How to make woven labels?
Make satin woven labels
  • The satin woven label is similar as damask, just their machines are different.
    Although the density of the logo is not high, but it has smooth edges, so no need to worry about irritating the skin.
    Satin woven labels are usually used for luxury clothing, and the price is higher than that of damask woven labels.

You can contact us to make a personalized woven labels, and we will give you the best price and quality. We provide professional customized services.

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