Custom Clothing Size Labels & Tags

Custom design high-quality size labels for your clothing. We offer a wide variety of size tags including Woven Damask, Satin, Cotton, Heat Transfer, or Stickers. We have everything you need.

Our products are all customized, you can customize any logo, size, color, material, design, style, etc.

About Clothing Size Labels

The size labels is mainly used to display the size of the clothing. It allows customers to quickly find the well-fitted garment and is an indispensable label for clothing.

There are many kinds of design and material types of size labels.

woven size labels for clothing 7

Separate size labels


Merged with neck label


Merged with care label

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Custom Woven Sew On Labels | Low MOQ

Custom woven sewing labels for your craft, handmade, clothing and more brands, easily sew on your personalized name logo.
You have variety options for creating unique woven sew in labels: Damask Woven Labels, Selvage Woven Labels (Satin Woven Labels, Organic Cotton Woven Labels, etc.).

You can find more creative inspiration from our website. Whether it’s woven labels, printed fabric labels, embroidered labels, or iron-on woven labels, we can create flawless labels with high quality.

Our labels are widely used by various brands, whether it is clothing, hats, or crafts. High quality, low MOQ and competitive prices, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Custom Woven Sew On Labels Low MOQ
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Woven Iron on Labels for Clothing

Custom high quality woven iron-on labels for your clothing, you can choose any color with name logo and background. All you need is a heat press or a household iron to easily complete your clothing projects.

Our woven iron-on labels use a high-density weaving technique to give your name logo a high-end and exquisite woven detail.

Woven Iron on Labels for Clothing
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Custom Main Neck Labels For Clothing

The neck labels is also called the main labels, it can add a unique brand name logo to your clothing, t-shirts, etc. heat transfer tagless labels, woven labels, or printed fabric labels.

We offer top back neck labels quality and service at competitive prices. You don’t need to download boring template and software, we offer a free design service, and no minimum.

Custom Main Neck Labels For Clothing
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Types of Best Clothing Labels

The most commonly used label types in clothing labels are main labels, size labels, care labels, hang tags, heat transfer labels.
There are also some labels mainly used for high-end products: metal labels, leather labels, rubber labels, woven patches, embroidered patches, chenille patches, etc.

Different types of clothing labels material

Main labels, Size labels, Care labels can use different clothing label material: Woven labels (Damask Woven Labels, Satin Woven Labels, Organic Cotton Woven Labels).
Printed Fabric Labels (Satin, Cotton, Tyvek, Grosgrain, Twill, Canvas, clear tpu, etc.)

Main label is mainly used for the neckline of the garment, which can brand your garment and make your brand stand out.

Types of Best Clothing Labels




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Organic Cotton Woven Labels Custom

Custom real organic cotton woven labels for clothing, has natural cotton fibers and never fade.

From super soft 100% cotton threads, our cotton woven labels is durable and meet the sustainable and Eco-friendly fashion concepts. It is permanent and can use in any wash, including high heat dry, Dry clean, machine wash, hand wash, etc.

Organic Cotton Woven Labels vs Organic Cotton Printed Labels

Organic Cotton Woven Labels 1235

Selvage Cotton Woven Labels

Cotton Woven Labels 6

No Selvage Cotton Woven Labels


Cotton Printed Labels

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