Where To Get Best Clothing Tags Made?

Where to get best clothing tags made? Want to make your product stand out?

Clothing tags are an important project in writing a brand’s story

Every big brand starts with a small business, “ClothingTAGs.cn” has witnessed the process of countless small businesses turning into big brands. These brands are customizing different clothing labels every year, constantly modify and improve the label details.

This Is Challenging

In the process of customizing and improving clothing labels, problems always appear, and there may be problems with yourself or suppliers, and the most important thing is the communication with manufacturing partners.

A professional supplier can quickly make the most professional and effective response, not only can make up for the problem, but also provide more help. It can save you a lot of time and energy.

Many customers will tell me that many suppliers have very poor service, very high prices, and poor quality. Indeed, a bad supplier will cost you a lot of time, energy, and even costs.

How to find the best clothing tag supplier? I recommend you to use “ClothingTAGs.cn”.

where to get clothing tags made
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Custom Furniture Labels And Tags Supplier

Custom premium labels for your furniture and upholstery.

For a successful furniture brand, brand labels are essential. It is the signature of the brand and can leave a positive and lasting brand impression. A quality furniture label can increase your furniture brand awareness and add a sense of quality, making a good first impression on your customers.

As a label manufacturer and supplier, we customize durable and reliable furniture labels for you at competitive prices. The material includes metal tags, woven labels, rubber labels, hang tags, etc.

Besides, we custom labels for global brands, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.

Custom Furniture Labels
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Woven Labels Manufacturers and Suppliers

ClothingTAGs.cn is a high-quality woven labels manufacturers and suppliers. We provide custom high-quality woven Label to global clothing brands. We provide a full range of woven labels, such as main labels, care labels, size labels, etc. Our minimum order quantity is small, can meet the needs of small businesses. Moreover, our price is competitive, and our quality is high-level.

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Manhattan Fold Label and Other Label Fold Types

Clothing labels sew on different locations, need to choose different label fold types.
You can choose manhattan fold label, end fold labels, center fold label, straight cut labels, loop fold label, miter fold label and die cut any shape.

Manhattan fold label

If your design needs sewing labels on the edges of clothes, such as the cuffs of T-shirts, the hem of clothes, the edge of hat, etc. You need to choose the manhattan fold label.

  • The manhattan fold label is the combination of center fold and end fold. The center fold is to make it more convenient to sew clothing labels. (If the edge is thick, no need folds generally, such as the edge of a knitted hat. Without folds, the label can be fit to the thick edge.)
Manhattan fold label 753
  • The end fold is to prevent the edge of the label from fraying, prevent skin irritation and make clothes more high-end.
Manhattan Fold Label
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What is a woven label? | How to make woven labels?

What is a woven label?

Woven label express logos, text and graphics through fine yarn. It has the characteristics of high quality, various color, soft hand feeling, etc. It is widely used in many high quality clothing, because it has beautiful looks, and price is economic.

About the price of woven labels:

The price of woven labels is higher than that of printed labels, because its quality is better.
Although larger quantity of woven labels, the lower unit price, but too much inventory will also reduce your profits.
Therefore, it is very important to find a woven labels manufacturer who can do small quantity with reasonable price.

About the color of woven labels:

Although printed labels can have more colors than woven labels, woven labels can also have enough colors (8 colors are available). It’s just that the logo styles of the two are different, and the price of woven labels will be higher. Woven labels and printed labels have their own advantages.
Therefore, it is very important to choose the right label according to your needs.

What is a woven label
Woven Labels with Own Logo Name for Clothing
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Woven Labels Design For Clothing

Custom design unique clothing woven labels from ClothingTAGs.cn, you only need to consider the content, fold types and style. You don’t need to download boring templates or software, we provide one-to-one free design at no extra cost. Our designers will complete the design in one to two working days according to your requirements, and send you confirmation and improve details.

If you are a start-up company without a logo, we have countless fonts to choose from. If you have a font picture or sample picture, you can send to us, and we can find the corresponding font according to the picture.

You can view comprehensive materials and details from our Tags catalog. All you need to do is describe your idea, and we can make products that meet your requirements as always, making your idea a reality easily.


Woven Labels Content Design

They are generally divided into main labels, care labels and size labels. Different labels need to be designed with different contents.

  • The main woven label is generally used on the neckline of clothing, often in conjunction with size labels to identify of clothing of different sizes. It is essential to add a brand logo to the main label, because a unique logo is the foundation of brand building, which can leave a deep first impression. In addition to adding the brand logo, you can also add size and origin information on the main label. Simple size and origin information will not appear to be too many texts and difficult to read.
Woven labels design for clothing
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Satin Woven Labels – Quality Woven Labels

Woven satin labels are the best choice if you need a custom taffeta-like label for your clothing, shiny, silky, and never fades.

Satin woven labels cannot weave too small details like damask woven labels, but it can weave a slightly raised logo. So it is more suitable to use as a main label.

Satin woven label is a kind of selvage woven label. It is of good quality, widely used in luxury clothing like suits, coats, hand bags, lace dresses etc.

Satin woven labels | Quality woven labels
Selvage Woven Labels Photo Gallery
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