High Definition Woven Labels of Damask

Damask high definition woven labels are very normal woven logo labels with low cost. Damask woven labels are very soft to touch, so they are widely used in skin-touch clothing like T-shirts, knitting, hats, sportswear, underwear, sweater etc.

High Definition Woven Labels

Our high definition woven labels is made with high density string. Your woven labels design can be well woven to better show the details of your logo.
If your logo are very tiny and thin, then using our thin and high density string can make your logo very delicate.

High Definition Damask woven labels
Damask Woven Labels Photo Gallery

In addition to some very complex logos, you can also customize woven wash care labels. The woven small font can be clear, although the wash care labels has many small symbols and their meanings.

woven care labels
Most woven labels for t-shirts usually choose a special color, such as special gold, there are many kinds of gold, you can choose shiny gold or matte gold, or choose the color according to the Pantone card. We will choose the most matching yarn color.
In addition to high definition logos, our damask woven labels can also be make rich colors. There can be 8 colors on the labels, so you can woven a gradient logo.

Woven label texture

Damask woven labels can make patterns and texture, making your label more luxury and high-graded. Such as diagonal texture, pattern, etc.

Damask woven labels 1600

You can also woven yarns on the whole background, so that the label look more luxury(mainly the background color will be much better), but the cost will be higher.

We use ultrasonic cutting, the edges will be very flat and soft, so it will not irritate the skin.
If you want the woven label to look hard and bright, you can choose the satin woven labels. Because it has a smooth woven edge, not only will not irritate the skin, and will be more high-end.

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