Custom Bottle Neck Hang Tags For Wine

Custom a high-end bottle neck hang tags on your wine and print a unique logo or picture to make your wine stand out.

To provide customers with unique and higher quality wine products, a good bottle neck hangers is essential. Many wine shoppers pick up the bottle and read the hang tags, so a chic bottle neck tag will make customers love it. Bottle neck tags are essential to connect customers.

Custom Bottle Neck Tags

Create impressive and successful bottle neck hang tag. Your logo, packaging copywriting and paper material can determine the success of your bottle tags.

We can custom design hang tags in any style, shape, color, size, paper material and logo technique, to personalise your own bottle neck tag.

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About Size

Our hang tags can be customized to any size, please contact us if you are unsure of the size you need. We can suggest you a suitable size according to your Bottle neck and bottle size, logo, copywriting or design.

Help Design Bottle Tags

Start your own wine brand business, you probably already have great creative and ideas to create your bottle tags. You don’t need to download any boring templates or software, just send your logo, packaging copywriting, fonts or sample pictures. We offer one-to-one free designs at no additional cost to bring your ideas to life.

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-to-one professional services. We will provide you with the best suggestions during the customization process, including size, color, material, font, design, etc.

Bottle Neck Hang Tags Materials

Match your brand style by choosing paper hang tags material and printing hang tags technology.

  • The smooth coated paper brings a clean and tidy look to the wine bottle. Perfect for printing a bright brand color, or a chic image.
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  • The matte black and white cards can add a luxurious look to the wine bottle, and the natural paper texture with the hot stamping/foil logo is very suitable for luxury brands.
Printed Bottle Neck Tags 1806
  • Regarding thickness, we recommend the two most commonly used thicknesses, 0.5mm (thin tag, can be bent) 1mm (thicker card, almost impossible to bend)
    Luxury swing tags generally use 1mm thickness, which is the most suitable thickness to balance the price and professional appearance. Of course, you can also choose other thicker thicknesses, such as 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc.

You can also contact us for more special luxury papers.

Wine bottle sticker labels

wine bottle sticker labels 3
wine bottle sticker labels 2
wine bottle sticker labels 1

Metal wine labels

metal wine labels 1
metal wine labels3
metal wine labels 2




bottle neck hang tags 3
bottle neck hang tags 1
bottle neck hang tags 2

Printed Bottle Neck Tags

You can print bottle neck tags in any color: specific Pantone colors, or colorful pictures. Or engraving and embossing, UV, hot stamping/foil (gold, silver, black, rose gold, etc.)

Connect Your Bottle And Hang Tags

  • Bottle neck hangers With Holes, simple paper construction.
  • Use simple rope. Leather rope, flax rope, elastic rope, cotton rope, ribbon, or wax rope.

Unique and premium, our bottle neck hang tags add an unparalleled sense of quality to wine brands.

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