Leather Hang Tags

Leather hang tags are luxury branded swing tags, the unique leather texture will add a superior sense of quality to your products. Custom design the fashion leather hang tags bulk for handbags, clothing, jeans, wallets, keychains, accessories, etc. Our ability can manufacture the quality of luxury brands such as LV to ensure that your luxurious brand stands out.

Easily Custom Any High End Leather Hang Tags

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Custom Folded Hang Tags

Custom printed high-quality folded hang tags for your clothing, jewelry, socks, etc., you can customize any size, color and style. Add string, or choose any paper materials to personalize. Whether to print on the outside only, or both the outside and the inside. We can do everything you need.

Custom Folded Hang Tags
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Embossed Hang Tags

Custom unique embossed hang tags. Add thick high quality swing tags to your products. Raised or engraved, or printed logo color. Our excellent quality and service will make your ideas stand out.

Our high quality embossed hang tags with competitive price and low MOQ, we can do the best for both large and small businesses.

Embossed Swing Hang Tags

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Types of Best Clothing Labels

The most commonly used label types in clothing labels are main labels, size labels, care labels, hang tags, heat transfer labels.
There are also some labels mainly used for high-end products: metal labels, leather labels, rubber labels, woven patches, embroidered patches, chenille patches, etc.

Different types of clothing labels material

Main labels, Size labels, Care labels can use different clothing label material: Woven labels (Damask Woven Labels, Satin Woven Labels, Organic Cotton Woven Labels).
Printed Fabric Labels (Satin, Cotton, Tyvek, Grosgrain, Twill, Canvas, clear tpu, etc.)

Main label is mainly used for the neckline of the garment, which can brand your garment and make your brand stand out.

Types of Best Clothing Labels




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Clothing Hang Tag Material

Clothing hang tag are available in a wide variety of materials, including the most commonly used paper. And many high-end brands will use metal, leather, pvc, clear plastic, cotton, canvas, fabric, etc. They all have their own unique style, and you can decide their thickness and match the appropriate hang tag string, or add a personalized metal grommets.

Hang Tag Paper Material

Paper is the most commonly used material for hang tags, because it is cheap, environmentally friendly, and easier to match with clothing. The raw materials of hang tag paper can be divided into: matte white card and black card, smooth coated paper, kraft paper, tracing paper, cotton paper, touch paper, metal paper, etc. They can all be produced in any color and thickness, or add your favorite pressed texture.


Matte White Card


Matte Black Card


Tracing Paper

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Hang Tag Paper Material Gallery

Hang Tag Paper Material and Texture. They can all be produced in any color and thickness. Or add smooth matte coating and glossy coating.

Clothing Tag Material

White Card 001
White Card 002
White Card 003
White Card 004
Cotton Paper 005
Black Card 006
White Card 007
White Card 008
Black Card 009
Agarwood Card 010
ECO Card 011
Cotton Paper 012
Cotton Paper 013
ECO Card 014
Cotton Paper 015
ECO Kraft paper 016
ECO Kraft paper 017
ECO Kraft paper 018
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Custom Printed Gift Tags and Stickers

Add personalized gift tags, stickers, envelopes, wrapping paper and more to your wrap, handmade items, gift boxes and more., You can custom printed any name logo and design. You don’t need to download boring templates or software. We have professional designers and provide one-to-one free design.

Use high-quality thick paper and full-color printing to create the perfect decoration to elevate your gift wrapping to the highest level. Our gift tags can be customized to any size you want to perfectly match your product. We can also provide professional advice.

Custom Printed Gift Tags and Stickers
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Custom Round Hang Tags | Circle Swing Tags

Custom printed round hang tags with string, use high quality thick cards to decorate your brand. Glossy or matte cards, leather, pvc, clear plastic, etc. A variety of personalized materials can make your circle swing tags elegant and charming.

We use high-grade environmentally friendly ink, you can print any rich colors on one or both sides, we guarantee the printing is clear. And can be customized in any size, we can also provide professional advice.

Circle swing tags can add a refined look to clothing, retail, gifts, and more, and are the most popular option among die cut hang tags.

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Custom Hang Tags For Shirts | T Shirt

Custom designed professional hang tags for your shirts, t-shirt. Create high-quality brand card, using the best materials and thicknesses, to display your logo, size, price, care instructions, and more. With the best price and quality, we can design and produce any style of hangtag you want to ensure your hangtag project is the perfect one.

Your unique shirt needs a personalised hang tags to match it, from us you can create the best matching tag. We will complete your hang tag project exactly as you wish, smooth, matte or high gloss, or full color printing in any color. We use the best card thickness, and environmentally friendly inks, to show your customers the best quality brand story.

Send your logo, design and other information via email or watchapp to customize any size, shape, thickness, material, hang tag string and eyelet, etc. Our durable materials can elevate your t-shirts.

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