Silk Screen Printed Labels For Clothing

Custom durable silk screen printed labels to add a high-end appearance to your clothing. A variety of materials and logo technologies are available to create your own unique label series.

Silk screen printing is suitable for all kinds of printed fabric labels, including satin labels, cotton labels, Tyvek labels, grosgrain, twill, canvas, ribbons, etc. You can have countless ideas and creativity to write your own brand story.

Silk screen printing can not only print flat effect, but also can print 3D effect.







printed-label-3D Logo 1

3D Logo 1

Printed-Fabric-Labels-3D Logo 2

3D Logo 2



Printed Fabric Labels Photo Gallery

These screen printed label options are suitable for any label series, such as: main labels, care labels, size labels, etc.

Screen printed labels advantage

Silk screen printed labels provide many huge advantages for clothing series. Its color is thicker, so it is more textured, very durable and washable. It also has high-definition details and strong color intensity.

If you need a very three-dimensional logo, you can also choose our silicone silk screen label. It has more texture and can choose different thickness.

The cost of screen printing in multiple colors is higher, and gradient colors cannot be printed. If you need colorful printed labels, you can choose our digital printed labels.

Screen printing label production process

  • Screen printing labels refers to the use of silk screen as the base. When printing, ink is poured into one side of the silk screen net; then use a scraper to apply a certain pressure to the ink part on the printing net; and at same time move toward the other end at a uniform speed. Finally the ink is squeeze from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate. The principle is that the mesh of the image and text can pass through the ink, and the mesh of the non-image and text cannot pass the ink.
  • Thick plate (3D) screen printing is printing many times through thick plate silicone, so that the silicone is layered one by one, and the printed pattern will have a little raised feeling. Thick plate silicone screen printing are suitable for customers with special needs, and the cost of this kind of printed labels is relatively high.

In addition to screen printed labels, we also provide more clothing label options, including tagless labels, woven labels, hang tags, etc. Our high-quality clothing labels meet the customization needs of large and small businesses, because we provide high quality, low price, and low minimum quantity orders.

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