Custom Adhesive Metal Labels Made of Aluminum

All our metal labels can use custom strong 3M adhesive. You can paste it on smooth surfaces such as furniture, wine bottles or metal equipment. We provide metal labels of different materials: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, etc., they can match different brands accordingly.

We can help you create metal labels of any style and design, provide professional advice and free designs. Including material, color, size, thickness, etc.

Adhesive anodized aluminum metal labels

Choosing adhesive anodized aluminum metal labels, you can add special logos or texts on it, and no need to worry about finishes: matte, brushed or bright. The finishes are rust-free, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, high or  low temperature resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for indoors or outdoors products.

Because anodized aluminum is durable, with more than 20 years of durability, so it is often used on such equipment surface which can play a long-lasting role in guiding, warning and marking.

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aluminum metal tags
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Our customized metal labels have no color restrictions, and the color is firm, will not fall off, fade. You can print brand logos, graphics, and even full-color pictures.

In addition to the adhesive you can optionally add holes to secure your metal tags.

Adhesive electroplated metal labels

The electroplated metal labels finishes look very luxury and qualified. It is often used in luxury goods such as wine bottles, furniture, and boutique boxes.

There are many colors of electroplating: gold, silver, gun metal, rose gold, brass, etc.

As wine bottles and other products cannot be fixed with holes, so labels should be installed with 3M adhesive.


Metal labels design

Regarding the metal tag shapes, size and artwork, you can send pictures to us for reference, we can provide free designs (we will provide 1:1 3d draft for some products).

You can choose various technologies for your logo: screen printing, engraved, embossed or epoxy filling.

We can customize any color for your logo or text, and our color is strong, will not fade for a long time.

Adhesive metal labels are not suitable for rough surfaces or in bad weather environments. In addition to adhesives technique, you can also choose other ways to fix the metal label, such as adding holes in labels for fixing; adding foldable legs backside of label.


  • Material: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, zinc alloy, copper
  • Metal finishes: matte, bright, brushed, epoxy
  • Logo technology: silk screen print, engraved, embossed or epoxy filling
  • Thickness: Customized according to your needs.

If you need to custom adhesive metal labels for your specific products, contact us via email or WhatsApp. We will provide one-to-one professional services to help you choose the best metal label style for you.

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  1. Need price on aluminum or stainless tags with self adhesive that will stand up to sun and sand on heavy equipement for my business. Looking for around 500 of them, 1.25 x 2, and my logo has 4 colors and just includes my name, number, and one other line. Thanks

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