Manhattan Fold Label and Other Label Fold Types

Clothing labels sew on different locations, need to choose different label fold types.
You can choose manhattan fold label, end fold labels, center fold label, straight cut labels, loop fold label, miter fold label and die cut any shape.

Manhattan fold label

If your design needs sewing labels on the edges of clothes, such as the cuffs of T-shirts, the hem of clothes, the edge of hat, etc. You need to choose the manhattan fold label.

  • The manhattan fold label is composed of center fold and end fold. The center fold is to make it more convenient to sew clothing labels. (If the edge is thicker, it is generally not folded, such as the edge of a knitted hat. Not folded, the label can be fit to the thick edge.)
    printed-label-752Manhattan fold label 753
  • The end fold is to prevent the edge of the label from fraying, prevent skin irritation and make clothes more high-end.

Manhattan Fold Label

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End fold labels

The end fold labels are the most commonly used for main labels and can also be used for size labels.
It is usually used on the skin-touch clothing, because the end folds avoid the worry of skin irritation.
End fold labels generally only need to be sewn on both ends, and if the label is larger, four edges can also be sewn.

End fold labels 1350

Center fold label

Center fold label are also very commonly used labels.
The size label and care label can all use a center fold.
Because there are no edge folds, you need to sew the edges into the seams of the garment to avoid the edges from fraying.
(Usually 4-5mm will be sewn)

center fold woven labels 1186

Straight cut labels

Straight cut labels are generally used for coats, hats, etc.
Many brands will design a large size woven label for the main label (It is generally necessary to sew on four edges to make the label firm).
Straight cut labels can also be printed satin for care labels (The sewing method is the same as the center fold label).

straight cut woven labels 1123

Loop fold label

The design of the loop fold label will be more three-dimensional than the center fold label.
The sewing method is the same as the center fold label, but the center fold label is more convenient.

loop fold woven labels 1164

Miter fold label

Miter fold label are usually used for the main label. Because the end edges are at the top, they can be sewn into the seams of clothes.

Miter fold label 1137

If you do not need to fold, we can also customize the roll form.

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