Custom Printed And Woven Elastic Band

Custom elastic band with woven and printed logo. You can sew them on any clothing line, such as underwear, waistband, cuffs, or sporting goods, wigs or hair bands, etc.

Add soft, comfortable, and durable elastic bands to your brand clothing, so it can keep your brand clothing as stylish and high-quality as ever. We use high-density woven materials with high elasticity and toughness, so that the logo is clear, and color will never fade.

Tell us your needs. We can produce any style of elastic for your project: weave or print your brand logo. You can choose the style from our Photo Gallery, or elsewhere. We can produce according to the picture.

Custom Printed And Woven Elastic Band
Elastic Band Photo Gallery

Custom Woven Logo Elastic Band

Custom Woven logo elastic band 802

Woven Logo

The logo is flat and only weave simple logos.

Embossed Logo elastic band 819

Embossed Logo

Engraved Logo elastic band 827

Engraved Logo

Custom Shining elastic band 808


Add nylon string to give the elastic band a shiny effect.

Custom Gold  elastic band 814

Gold Line

Customizable shiny gold logo

Custom Printed Logo Elastic Band

Custom Printed logo elastic band 804

General Printing

The logo is flat and can print various colors

Matte Silicone Printing elastic band 829

Matte Silicone Printing

The logo is slightly raised, matte finish.

Glossy Silicone Printing elastic band 824

Glossy Silicone Printing

The logo is slightly raised with glossy finish.


There is no MOQ for our custom elastic bands, you can customize any size, color, material, logo, etc. according to your design

  • Width: Any width between 1-5cm can be customized.
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, etc. (Tell us your usage, then we will choose the most suitable material)
  • Conventional thickness: 1.0MM, 1.8MM, 2.0MM, 2.2MM, 2.5MM3.0MM, 3.5MM, etc. (tell us your purpose, we will choose the most suitable thickness)
  • Color: Any color can be customized according to Pantone card.
  • Texture: You can also customize special textures, such as twill, plain, herringbone, etc.
  • Special requirements: such as sewing Velcro, sewing into loops, etc.
  • In addition to elastic bands, you can also custom cotton tape and satin ribbon.

Contact us by Email or WhatsApp, just send your logo, pattern, text, width, or reference pictures and other information. We provide one-to-one professional service and will reply you quickly and quote. Also, If you need online design, we have Professional designers can provide free design.

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