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“” is a high-quality clothing button manufacturer. We povide all types of custom buttons, including resin series (polyester buttons, urea buttons, etc.), plastic (ABS buttons, rubber buttons, plastic snap, acrylic buttons, etc.), Metal (jeans buttons, rivets, snap buttons, eyelets, metal sewing buttons, etc.), natural series (shell buttons, coconut shell buttons, wood buttons, horn buttons, etc.).

You can customize your logo by using all types of buttons. And you can customize any size, color, and style. You can use the buttons for any clothing, such as suits, dresses, shirts, jeans, children’s clothing, coats, jackets, swimwear, bags, etc. Besides, our MOQ is low, and our price is competitive in most markets. Also, no worry about quality, we have more than 10 years experience to control it. We also provide services for global clothing brands, for example, United States, EU countries, Canada, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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Custom engraved clothing buttons

High-end clothing brands start from high-quality buttons. Engraving the logo on the buttons, it can make the brands more luxury and special, thus, it can meet the needs of discerning views of customers. A good button manufacturer needs good equipment. Our laser engraved machine is strong, it can meet the engraving works of many different materials, such as metal, resin, plastic, horns, shells, wood, etc. Our machine can cut logo very accurately, no matter on which types of buttons. Moreover, it can engrave very small logo clearly. Besides engraving machine, our printing  machine is also professional. You can print any logo color.

We have a professional design team, you only need to send your design, logo, text or reference pictures, we can design any style and font according to your requirements.

Different types of clothing buttons

The resin series (polyester buttons, urea buttons, etc.) are carved by automatic nailing machine. After that, our machine will polish it delicately,  so the surface is smooth and delicate, no grains, and color will not fade. Resin buttons are very popular for shirts and other light fabrics.

Plastic series (ABS buttons, elastic rubber buttons, plastic snaps, acrylic buttons with diamond luster, etc.) are popular for outdoor clothing. Because the material is cheap, and  production time is short, so the price is relatively cheap.

Metal series (denim buttons, rivets, snap buttons, eyelets, metal sewing buttons and other small accessories) are sturdy, washable, wear-resistant, rust-free. And they are mainly used for thicker fabrics such as jeans or coats.

Natural series (shell buttons, coconut shell buttons, wood buttons, horn buttons, etc.), these buttons have special textures and feelings. When your clothing band is special like vintage, or needs to protect environment, you can choose such buttons with unique natural colors and materials.

Our products are made of high-grade materials,  and it meet environmental standards. We can ensure the quality of our products. We provide one-to-one after-sales service.
If you need custom clothing buttons for your brand, please provide a design or physical sample (or picture), we also provide professional design.


  • Size: customize according to your needs (we will provide advice)
  • Material: resin, plastic, copper, zinc alloy, natural wood, shell, etc.
  • Style: calf button, 4-hole button, 2-hole button and so on. (customize according to your needs)
  • Design: Please provide your logo, text or reference picture, we offer free design and 1:1 3d design
  • Color: customize according to your needs
  • Min.: 100pcs

As a clothing button manufacturer and supplier, we can consistently manufacture products that meet your requirements. We have comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will actively solve the problem for you.

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  1. Hello, I would like to inquire about a quote for customized shirt buttons with a company name printed on the rim, we are looking to get 700-800. The size we need is 20L. There are a couple in your gallery that interested me and I can attach those in a later email.

    Best regards,
    Leticia Rosales

    1. Hi, dear Leticia Rosales
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. We are very happy to cooperate with you.
      Our business manager ( will soon contact you and reply to your email about your inquiry.
      If you haven’t received the email with her response, please kindly check your spam folder.

      If convenient.
      could you send your interested pictures to our

      Best regards

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