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We are clothing buttons manufacturers. “” provides custom a wide range of high-end clothing buttons, mainly used for clothing sewing, including shirts, jeans, children’s wear, coats, jackets, etc. We can customize buttons according to your logo, size, color and style. Our minimum order quantity is small.

custom clothing buttons
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Custom engraved clothing buttons

Creating high-end clothing starts with high-quality buttons. Engraved the logo on the buttons can make the clothing more high-end and meet the needs of discerning fashion customers. A good buttons manufacturers needs good equipment. Our laser engraved machine can meet the engraved needs of different materials, such as plastic buttons, horn buttons, shell buttons, wooden buttons, etc. It can carry out high-precision engraved of different types of buttons, even very small buttons can be engraved Clear logo.

  • The resin buttons we provide are carved by automatic nailing machine. They are carefully polished without burrs, smooth and delicate, no fading, Resin buttons can be laser engraved your logo, mainly used for shirts and other light fabrics.
  • We also provide metal buttons and snap buttons with rivets and other small accessories, sturdy, washable, wear-resistant, rust-free, mainly used for thicker fabrics such as jeans.
  • Also plastic buttons, horn buttons, shell buttons, wooden buttons, imitation shell buttons and so on.

Our products are made of high-grade materials and meet environmental standards to ensure the quality of our products. We will provide one-to-one after-sales service.
If you need custom clothing buttons for your brand, please provide a design or physical sample (or picture), we also provide professional design.


  • Size: customized according to your needs (we will provide advice)
  • Material: resin, plastic, copper, iron, alloy, natural wood, shell, etc.
  • Style: calf button, 4-hole button, 2-hole button and so on. Can be customized according to your needs
  • Design: Please provide your logo, we offer free design and 1:1 3d design
  • Color: customized according to your needs
  • Quantity: small MOQ

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