String seal tag | Plastic hang tag string

In this article, the hang tag string we talk about is the string seal with logo.

Hang tag string is relatively rare in categories, mainly in plastic string seal tag, Aluminum string seal tag, epoxy string seal tag, metal string seal tag etc.

  • Plastic hang tag string is most common, it is by putting plastic liquid into a mold, connecting the string, after drying, printing color on the seal, then cutting into pieces. Plastic hang tag string can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap.

  • Aluminum hang tag string is made from Aluminum shell, the shell is thin. Usually there is a paper stuck in the shell, with logo or design on the paper. Aluminum hang tag string is also cheap, but the color and shape of the shell is limited.

  • Epoxy hang tag string technique is similar to plastic hang tag string. After the plastic finished, it will epoxy clear liquid on the surface of the seal, after drying, it will form a clear smooth cover. Epoxy hang tag string looks shiny and luxury, so the price is relatively higher.

  • Metal hang tag string is not normal, because the cost is very high indeed. It is made of alloy, of course it looks luxury and high-end, some luxury brands may use such string.


Above we mainly talked is seal, there is another important factor-string. The string material are usually polyester, cotton, waxed cotton, satin tape, nylon, plastic etc. Any string can be used on any seal, you can match as your will. String color are various, can be customized.


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