Hang Tag String Material of Different Types

Custom hang tag string is made of different types of materials. Such as cotton, polyester, leather, wax cotton, satin tape, flax, etc.. The hang tag string can make any color and length.
Match the appropriate hang tag string material with suitable finishing for your personal design.

Hang Tag String Material

Natural cotton hang tag string

The cotton and flax hang tag string, they are natural plant material so there will be more or less impurities and fluff, and they also have color difference problem. The advantages are they look nature, so it fits some classic clothing styles like vantage clothing brand, or baby brands those clothing are mainly cotton fabric.

cotton hang tag string 1194
cotton hemp hang tag string

Elastic hang tag string

The elastic hang tag string uses elastic material, its length is stretchable, and it has high strength and durability. It is a very special hang tag string.

Elastic hang tag string 2

Polyester hang tag string

This hang tag string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, and economic price etc.

Polyester hang tag string

Satin and leather string

Leather and satin hang tag string, it looks very smooth, and a little bit shiny, so it expresses a luxury feeling, so it is very popular for some clothing like suits or shirts.

Satin hang-tag-string-1260
Satin hang-tag-string-1192

Wax rope

Wax rope is very similar to leather rope, which looks very smooth and luxurious in appearance. Its production process is waxing polyester or cotton rope.

Wax rope tag  1306
Wax rope

Some other string like metallic hang tag string. They are not so popular, but they often appears in some very featured clothing brands.

After choosing the hang tag string material, you can choose different types of hang tag string snap lock fastener: Hang tag string with logo or without logo, hang tag string with safety pin, etc.

Hang Tag String Photo Gallery

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