Hang Tag String Suppliers & Manufacturers Of Best Quality

Any suppliers of hang tag string will say they provide best quality products at the time of publicity, but the results often come out disappointingly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific basis to determine whether the hang tag string suppliers is of high quality. Such as hang tag string material, hang tag string quality, hang tag string design, etc.

Material of the hang tag string suppliers

Materials for hang tag string: There are many materials for hang string, such as plastic/metal string seal tag, the string is divided into polyester string, nylon string, hemp string, cotton rope, paper string, metal wire, etc. When choosing hang tag string products, we need to choose the right materials according to our specific needs. We provide all types of hang tag string, and you can choose to wholesale and customize any style of tag string.

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Hang Tag String Material with Different Styles

How to choose string materials for hang tag string? It needs not only match with the snap lock, but also match with hang tags and clothing styles. Usually the string material include polyester hang tag string. Cotton hang tag string, elastic hang tag string, hemp hang tag string, paper hang tag string. Satin hang tag string, leather hang tag string. Plastic hang tag string, nylon hang tag string, metallic hang tag string, etc. We provide hang tag string of different styles materials to match your personalized design.

Polyester hang tag string

Polyester hang tag string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, not easy to bend etc.

Polyester hang tag string

Cotton hang tag string

The hemp hang tag string, cotton hang tag string, paper hang tag string, they are natural plant material so there will be more or less impurities and fluff, and they have color difference problem. The advantages are they look nature, so it fits some clothing styles well like vantage clothing brand, baby brands which clothing are mainly made of cotton.

Cotton hang tag string

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Custom Hang Tags with String for Clothing

In order to make a clothing brand stand out, you need to custom an attractive hang tags with string. It is original, fresh, and unforgettable. You need a hang tags that can make customers pleasing to the eye.
Creating a perfect hang tags is not easy, clothingtags.cn can provide unique and rich hang tag design ideas, including various hang tag material and hang tag string. You can also print various personalized logos to make your clothing business cards more creative.

Custom hang tags with string

Three aspects must be considered when custom hang tags with string: hang tag material, hang tag printing and hang tag string.

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Hang Tag String Seal Tag, Plastic, Aluminum Material

Custom the hang tag string with the name logo to make your brand out of the ordinary. The unique string seal tag can add a brand impression to your clothing and make the brand stand out from the competition. From design to production to delivery of your customized hang tag stirng, we provide the most comprehensive service.

String seal tag with name is relatively rare in categories, mainly in plastic string seal, Aluminum string seal, epoxy string seal, metal string seal  etc.

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Hang Tag String Snap Lock Fastener

Custom and wholesale all kinds of hang tag string snap lock fastener for your artwork. square shaped? bullet head? round? Or other styles? They can all custom your logo.

Our hang tag string snap lock fastener are strong enough to help protect you from fraudulent returns and are the perfect fastener choice. It can easily attach hang tags to clothing, hats, jewelry, bags, shoes and other products without any tools.

Perfect size, color and rope material

You can choose any perfect size, color and rope material to match any product.
Black, white, silver, gold, or any brand color you need. (It will be more accurate to choose the color according to the Pantone card)

Hang tag string snap lock fastener without logo

Square shaped, bullet head, round and other hang tag fastener made of cotton, polyester and other ropes, the price is very cheap.

hang-tag-string-1006 hang-tag-string-1007 hang-tag-string-1010
hang-tag-string-1030 hang-tag-string-1024 hang-tag-string-1021
hang-tag-string-1027 hang-tag-string-1022 hang-tag-string-1029
hang-tag-string-1015 hang-tag-string-1016 hang-tag-string-1012

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Plastic hang tag string for clothing

“Clothingtags.cn” customizes a variety of plastic hang tag string for clothing, including bullet hangtag string, two-in-one seal, Epoxy string seal, silk screen string seal, general hangtag string, single-stuck hang tag string, hang tag string with safety pins, etc. Logo technology, length, plastic seal size, color, etc. can be customized according to your needs.

Hang tag string for clothing

Hang tag string is the connection between clothing and hang tags, and can also be used for shoes, hats, reusable shopping bags, jewelry and other products that require hang tags. The tag string is indispensable for displaying hang tags on clothes. Attach a personalized extension, matching a most suitable hang tag string can better develop your unique clothing brand.

Hang tag string for clothing
Hang tag string catalogue

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