How to choose quality hangtag string supplier?

Any suppliers of hang tag string will say they provide best quality products at the time of publicity, but the results often come out disappointingly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific basis to determine whether the supplier’s hang tag string is of high quality. Such as hang tag string design, hang tag string technology, hang tag string material, etc.

  • Hang tag string design: According to the design, the strength of the supplier can be judged from the side, whether it is innovative. If there is no difference between the design of the supplier and the market, it means that the suppliers are not innovative enough.

    innovative All black embossed logo Hang tag string new design
  • The hang tag string technique: Before choosing the manufacturer of hang tag string, you need to observe on the spot. How is the technique of the manufacturer? Whether it is a new process, new technology? The technique determines the quality of hang tag string to a certain extent.

    snow-white hang tag string logo hot silver technique
  • Materials for hang tag string: There are many materials for hang string, such as plastic/metal seal plus string, the string is divided into polyester string, nylon string, hemp string, cotton rope, paper string, metal wire, etc. When choosing hanging grain products, we need to choose the right materials according to our specific needs.

    materials for gold metal seal plus hang tag string

How to choose hang tag string material?

How to choose string material for hang tag string?
It needs not only match with the snap lock, but also match with brand styles. Usually the string material include polyester string, satin tape, cotton string, hemp string, paper string, plastic string, nylon string, etc.

  • Polyester string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, not easy to bend etc.
    black logo embossed snap lock fastener hang tag string seal with Polyester string violet string seal design bullet with Polyester string
  • The hemp string, cotton string, paper string, they are natural plant material so there will be more or less impurities and fluff, and they have color difference problem. The advantages are they look nature, so it fits some clothing styles well like vantage clothing brand, baby brands which clothing are mainly made of cotton.
    white logo embossed hang tag string with cotton string will be more fluff Beige white string seal new design bullet with cotton string will be more fluff
  • Satin tape, it looks very smooth, glossy and a little bit shiny, so it expresses a luxury feeling, so it is mainly used on some suits or shirts.
    Beige white gold logo embossed hang tag string with with Satin tape string black string seal new design bullet with glossy Satin tape string
  • Some other string like nylon string, metallic string, plastic string. They are not so popular, but they will be used in some very featured clothing brands.
    Clear and transparent hangtags string like buckle with plastic string gold hang tag string with safety pin and metallic string


The introduction of hang tag string material

In this article, the hang tag string we talk about is the string with logo.

Hangtag string is relatively rare in categories,
mainly in plastic seal with string, aluminum seal with string, epoxy seal with string, metal seal with string etc.

  • Plastic hang tag string is most common, it is by putting plastic liquid into a mold, connecting the string, after drying, printing color on the seal, then cutting into pieces. Plastic hang tag string can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap.
    Snow-white Plastic hang tag string seal with silvery logo Plastic embossed hang tag string seal with black logo
    black Plastic hang tag string seal with white logo Rice white Plastic hang tag string seal with gold logo
  • Aluminum hang tag string is made from Aluminum shell, the shell is thin. Usually there is a paper stuck in the shell, with logo or design on the paper. Aluminum hang tag string is also cheap, but the color and shape of the shell is limited.

    Gold colour Aluminum hang tag string seal with gold logo and string black Aluminum hang tag string seal with gold logo
  • Epoxy hang tag string technique is similar to plastic hang tag string. After the plastic finished, it will epoxy clear liquid on the surface of the seal, after drying, it will form a clear smooth cover. Epoxy hang tag string looks shiny and luxury, so the price is relatively higher.

    brown luxury Epoxy hang tag string seal with clear surface blue luxury Epoxy hang tag string seal clear surface
  • Metal hang tag string is not normal, because the cost is very high indeed. It is made of alloy, of course it looks luxury and high-end, some luxury brands may use such string.

    luxury and high-end Metal hang tag string with gold seal

Above we mainly talked is seal, there is another important factor-string. The string material are usually polyester, cotton, waxed cotton, satin tape, nylon, plastic etc. Any string can be used on any seal, you can match as your will. String color are various, can be customized.

hang tag strint seal with Rice white satin tape string hang tag strint seal with snow-white cotton string
hang tag strint seal with black polyester string
string seal design bullet with black waxed string hang tag loops


how to match hang tag with string?

The hangtag string is the connection between clothing and the hang tags. The matching of the hang tag and string is very important.

There are usually four options when choosing hang tag string

  1. Hang tag string with LOGO. This kind string can well express your high-end brand, suitable for luxury clothing. You can also choose different string color and material like polyester, cotton, ribbon, waxed cotton, leather etc., to match your tags and garments.
    high-end brand polyester Hang tag string with black LOGO high-end brand ribbon Hang tag string with gold LOGO
  2. Simple cotton rope, hemp rope, leather rope, nylon rope, ribbon and so on. With a chic safety pin, it looks simple but clean. It is not only convenient to remove, but also simple and beautiful, and the price is relatively low.
    black grosgrain ribbon With a silver safety pin white grosgrain ribbon With a gold safety pin
  3. There are also bullet hangtag string made of cotton, polyester and other ropes, also some Aluminum hangtag string without logo, the price is very cheap.
    grey bullet hang tag loops string made of waxed cotton black bullet hang tag loops string made of polyester
  4. There are also plastic hangtags string like buckle, needle, etc., the material is very clear, mainly used for thin clothing such as swimwear, underwear, t-shirts. The price is also very cheap.
    plastic hangtags string like buckle used for thin clothing swimwear plastic hangtags string like buckle is very cheap

    It is very important to choose the right string material according to your clothing. If you have any special needs, you can send us requests, we will try to meet your needs

Hang tag string for clothing

“” customizes a variety of plastic hang tag string, including bullet hangtag string, two-in-one seal, Epoxy string seal, silk screen string seal, general hangtag string, single-stuck hang tag string, hang tag string with safety pins, etc.

Logo technology, length, plastic seal size, color, etc. can be customized according to your needs.

Hang tag string are used in clothing, shoes, hats, reusable shopping bags, jewelry and other products that require hang tags.

hang tag string catalogue
Hang tag string catalogue

Our hang tag string is easy to tighten by hand and will be permanently locked after use. If they are locked, they cannot be reused. (It is hard to remove it by hand because it is very strong)

If you need hanging tag string, you can contact us. We have a good pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure the quality of the hanging tag string and make your products more refined.


String: satin, nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton rope, waxed cotton string etc.

Logo technology: hot stamping gold/silver, printing, etc.

Seal: mainly plastic

Color: according to your needs

Size: according to your needs