Clothing Hang Tag Material

Clothing hang tag are available in a wide variety of materials, including the most commonly used paper. And many high-end brands will use metal, leather, pvc, clear plastic, cotton, canvas, fabric, etc. They all have their own unique style, and you can decide their thickness and match the appropriate hang tag string, or add a personalized metal grommets.

Hang Tag Paper Material

Paper is the most commonly used material for hang tags, because it is cheap, environmentally friendly, and easier to match with clothing. The raw materials of hang tag paper can be divided into: matte white card and black card, smooth coated paper, kraft paper, tracing paper, cotton paper, touch paper, metal paper, etc. They can all be produced in any color and thickness, or add your favorite pressed texture.


Matte White Card


Matte Black Card


Tracing Paper


Matte Smooth Coated Paper


Shiny Smooth Coated Paper

Die Cut Hang Tags 4

ECO Kraft Paper


Cotton Paper


Touch Paper 


Metallic Feel



Metal Hang Tag Material

Metal tags have a shiny metallic look, you can choose different fixing methods, add holes, chains, rivets, etc. Metal colors can be divided into: gold, silver, copper, antique brass, rose gold, gun metal, nickel etc., (both glossy and matte). Just tell us your idea, we will provide 3d design. Confirm the details for you.

Metal Hang Tag 20
Metal Hang Tag 33
Metal Hang Tag 07

Plastic Hang Tags

Plastic hang tags can be transparent or any other color.

Plastic Hang Tags 2001
Plastic Hang Tags 2002
Plastic Hang Tags 1636

Leather Hang Tags material

The leather hang tags material is divided into faux and genuine leather, it can be produced in any color and thickness like the paper tag, or add your favorite pressed texture.

leather hang tags 7
Leather Hang Tags 1214
Leather Hang Tags 1832

Rubber PVC Hang Tags

Rubber PVC hang tags have a soft touch and amazing layering effect.

Rubber PVC Hang Tags 1060
Rubber PVC Hang Tags 2004
Rubber PVC Hang Tags 6

Fabric Hang Tags

You can also use various fabrics as the material of the hang tags, such as cotton, canvas, silk, lace, etc.

Fabric Hang Tags 16
Canvas Hang Tags 2

The materials of hang tags are very wide. If you have other hangtag materials or pictures you want, you can contact us, and we can produce according to the pictures. Or tell us what you think, we will send pictures of the material you want.

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