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Custom unique hang tags for your clothing, shirts, gifts and more. Send us your tag design to customize any style of clothing hang tags.

Need a new design? You don’t need to download templates, we can provide one-to-one free design of any style and font to bring your ideas to reality. Let us create professional hang tags for you.

As a professional hang tag supplier, we can customize hang tag in any shape, size, thickness, color, material and quantity.
We provide professional service and advice. Checking our hang tag examples to help you choose the right style, or send pictures from other places, we can design and produce accordingly.

Custom Hang Tags for Clothing

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What Is Clothing Hang Tags?

The hang tag is the business card of clothing, which can display information such as brand logo, care content, size, price, clothing material and website.
Personalized hang tag can enhance the influence of your brand, can clearly express the important characteristics of clothing, thus can promote your clothing fame. It can also be made into thank you cards, spare button bags, business cards, etc.
Hang tags are usually made of paper, in addition to paper hang tags, there are special materials such as waterproof Tyvek hang tag, plastic hang tags, metal hang tags, leather hang tags, fabric hang tags, PVC hang tags, etc. Matching an elegant hang tag string makes it easy to attach tags to garments.

0.5 MM Thick hang tags 1871

0.5 MM Thick

1 MM Thick hang tags 1837

1 MM Thick

1.8 MM Thick hang tags 1836

1.8 MM Thick

Custom Hang Tags for Clothing 1317

Smooth Coated Paper

Custom Hang Tags for Clothing 1874

Matte White Card

Custom Hang Tags for Clothing 1741

Matte Black Card

Shiny hang tags 1820


pvc-rubber-Tags 1060




Best Clothing Hang Tags Supplier

A reliable and price-competitive clothing hang tags supplier.
A complete pre-sales and after-sales service to provide you with one-stop service.
Quality is guaranteed, the products will not fade/collapse/deform.
All hang tags can custom special texture, to achieve the best visual effect.

As a clothing hang tags supplier and manufacturer, we can consistently manufacture products that meet your requirements. We design and customize the best hang tags to make your brand stand out.
We provide hang tags with various materials and printing methods, so you can personalize hang tag design to the utmost extent. You can also add various hang tag accessories (hang tag string and metal grommets, etc.). We have an experienced team that has served more than one thousand clothing brands and can provide you with professional advice.


  • MOQ: No minimum, but larger quantity, price is more competitive.
  • Size and shape: Customized according to your requirements, we also provide free design, you can also view more hang tag design ideas.
  • Material: White card, Black card, transparent tracing paper, Kraft paper, coated paper, special paper, recycled paper, metal, leather, PVC, plastic, fabric etc
  • Hang tag printing: CMYK four-color printing, special color printing(pantone color), Engraved and Embossed, foil, UV, film(light or matte)
  • Thickness: We recommend two most common thicknesses, 0.5mm (thin tag, can be bent) 1mm (thicker card, almost impossible to bend)
  • Other accessories: hang tag string, metal grommets (gold, silver, bronze or black), etc.

With abundant clothing hang tag material and professional printing technology, we can custom the best hang tags for you.

Custom Hang Tag Instructions

  1. The larger the order quantity, the more favorable the unit price of the product;
  2. Offer materials, paper weight, technique and quantity requirements, so that we can accurately quote;
  3. Provide design, logo, text, color, size, shape or sample image
  4. Please provide a trademark certificate and authorization letter (if famous brands);
  5. Please specify in advance your special requirements (such as packaging and transportation ways);

We custom hang tags for global brands, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, etc.

We have comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp, we provide one-to-one professional services. We will provide you with the best suggestions during the customization process, including size, color, material, font, design, etc.

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  1. Josiah Aviles says:

    Hi I need 1 in. x 1 in. PVC custom hang tags for shoes … I’m new to this business and I don’t understand how I got about doing this … please help ☺️ I would love to purchase from you

    1. says:

      Hi, Josiah Aviles
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. We are very happy to cooperate with you.
      Our business manager ( will soon contact you and reply to your email about your inquiry.
      If you haven’t received the email with her response, please kindly check your spam folder.

      Best regards

  2. Felipe Barrera says:

    Paper Hang tag for caps
    1×3 or 1×4 inches
    Black background
    No cord
    with hole

    1. says:

      Hi,Felipe Barrera
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. We are very happy to cooperate with you.
      Our business manager ( will soon contact you and reply to your email about your inquiry.
      If you haven’t received the email with her response, please kindly check your spam folder.

      Best regards

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