Printed fabric care labels for clothing

Printed fabric labels, also called washing labels or care labels, is a kind of outcome in printing industry. Printed labels is named comparing to woven labels.

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The main function of printed fabric labels is to guide the user to wash and maintain their clothing correctly; it is usually sewn in the back collar, under or next to the main label; or sewn in the back waist, at the side seam position; sometimes also sewn on the cuffs.

  • The printed care labels generally has the brand logo and the composition of the clothing fabric;
    suitable washing methods: such as dry cleaning/machine washing/hand washing, and washing temperature;
    whether it can be bleached; drying method; ironing temperature requirements, etc.

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The printed fabric labels is not only used as the washing care labels, but also as the main label, size labels etc.
Printed labels is not only used for clothing (but it is undeniable that they are the most widely used in the clothing industry), but also used in shoes, bags, umbrellas, towels, electronic products and other industries;
Plush toys, bedding, home textiles, etc. which need to be washed frequently will also use printed labels.

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The main function of printed label is to guide the user to wash and maintain their clothing correctly.

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