Gold plated name tags | Gold metal name badges

Gold metal name badges are the most commonly used metal badges. Most companies choose gold plated name tags, because it can match the clothing perfectly. Especially black formal wear, black formal wear with gold name tag looks perfect. The shiny gold can make the brand logo, or name more prominent. Of course, you can also choose to customize metal badges in other colors. Such as silver, bronze, black, etc.

Hotel clerk, jeweler or real estate agent? Safety pin or magnetic back?

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metal name badges
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Metal Name Badges

Custom the gold metal name badges for your company. Choose different attachment methods (magnetic and pin back). Its logo can be engraved name tags (concave or raised) or print metal tags (flat logo).
You can also add texture (brushed)
Personalize metal tags shape (trapezoid, square, round, bevel, or unique logo shape)
Size: The metal tags can customize any size, even a very small size can make clear logo. (We can provide professional advice)
We use permanent printing technology and can print any color.


Gold Plated Name Tags

Custom metal name plates generally use copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials, because they will not rust, and are durable, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Gold plated name tags has a very smooth and bright surface. Of course, you can also choose a matte surface. It also has a higher hardness and will look more high-end.


There are also precious metal necklaces, metal jewelry, etc., covered with 14k gold and 925 silver.

Contact us to get a personalized gold metal name badges of your brand shape, making your brand more attractive.
If our website pictures do not have the style you want, you can send us an email to get more picture options and free samples, and you can also provide your ideas and company logo, name, title and other information. We can design according to your requirements. (We provide free design service)

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