Types of Best Clothing Labels

The most commonly used label types in clothing labels are main labels, size labels, care labels, hang tags, heat transfer labels.
There are also some labels mainly used for high-end products: metal labels, leather labels, rubber labels, woven patches, embroidered patches, chenille patches, etc.

Different types of clothing labels material

Main labels, Size labels, Care labels can use different clothing label material: Woven labels (Damask Woven Labels, Satin Woven Labels, Organic Cotton Woven Labels).
Printed Fabric Labels (Satin, Cotton, Tyvek, Grosgrain, Twill, Canvas, clear tpu, etc.)

Main label is mainly used for the neckline of the garment, which can brand your garment and make your brand stand out.

Types of Best Clothing Labels




Size label can be sewn together with the main label or combined with the care label. It allows customers to find the right size.


Care label is generally used at the side seam position of the garment. It mainly displays washing care and ironing instructions. It can also add brand logo, size, website and other information.





Clothing Hang Tags Types

Hang tags are essential for clothing, and there are many materials for hang tags, including the most commonly used paper. And many high-end brands will use metal, leather, pvc, transparent plastic, cotton, canvas, fabric, etc.


And match with the appropriate hang tag string material, or add personalized metal grommets.

It usually prints a simple logo, or adds more information: size, care information, website, clothing fabric, brand story, email, price, etc.

Heat transfer labels

Heat transfer labels are the easiest and most affordable option to add logo information to clothing. Just a heat press or household iron can easily complete branded clothing projects.
It is mainly divided into flat and three-dimensional logos, and can also be used for main labels, size labels and care labels.


Metal Tags

Metal tags are generally used for bags, hats, clothing, etc. It can be customized with different logo designs and colors.
Including gold, silver, copper, antique brass, rose gold, gun metal, nickel etc., (both glossy and matte).
“clothingtags.cn” can provide free 3d design services.


Leather labels

Leather labels are commonly used on jeans, hats, bags, jackets, etc. It is mainly divided into faux and genuine leather, suede. Leather labels, like hang tags, can be produced in any color and thickness, or add your favorite pressed texture.
It is mainly fixed by sewing, and heat pressing can also be used.


Rubber labels

Rubber labels are mainly divided into two materials: pvc and silicone. Commonly used in hats, sportswear, outdoor products, etc. You can choose sewing, velcro pvc labels or silicone 3D heat transfer labels.





Various patches
Woven patches with high-density logo, embroidery patches with three-dimensional embroidery effect, furry chenille patches, etc., can also use Metal, Leather, PVC as patches. It can be ironed, added with Velcro, or fixed by sewing.


Woven patches


Embroidery patches


Chenille patches

More clothing labels and packaging: zippers and zipper pullers, buttons, stickers, drawstring bags, Tissue Paper, paper bags, boxes, plastic bags, etc. You can view details of all labels from our catalogue.

What are the best clothing labels?

To find the best clothing labels, suppliers are critical. Good clothing labels need to use good materials and logo techniques, you can check the supplier’s pictures, or ask for a free sample.
You also need to choose the right label based on your brand positioning, for example woven labels are more durable than printed labels, but printed labels are cheaper.

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