Custom Hang Tags with String for Clothing

In order to make a clothing brand stand out, you need to custom an attractive hang tags with string. It is original, fresh, and unforgettable. You need a hang tags that can make customers pleasing to the eye.
Creating a perfect hang tags is not easy, can provide unique and rich hang tag design ideas, including various hang tag material and hang tag string. You can also print various personalized logos to make your clothing business cards more creative.

Custom hang tags with string

Three aspects must be considered when custom hang tags with string: hang tag material, hang tag printing and hang tag string.

Custom Hang Tags with String
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  • We provide custom hang tags of various materials, among which the most commonly used are paper hang tags: Cheap white or black hang tags, transparent tracing paper, kraft paper hang tags. Or personalize coated paper hang tags, special paper. We can provide the most professional advice according to your needs.
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custom printed tags with string
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  • Different hang tag printing technologies can create different styles of luxury swing tags, which is the soul of tag.
    Ordinary printing, or engraved and embossed, or hot stamping/foil and UV. We can customize according to your requirements, if you don’t have a good design idea, we can provide free one-to-one design. And the customized price is very cheap.
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  • The hang tag string is the connection of the swing tags, it is essential. If you want to make the tag more luxurious, you can choose the hang tag string with logo. If you just need a simple design, the hang tag string with safety pin is also often used by most clothing brands. Because it is easy to disassemble.

The shape and size of the tag can be any unique design. We can also provide free designs. You can also add metal eyelet to reinforce your tag. We take every outstanding hang tag design seriously and are keen to serve your clothing brand.

Precautions for hang tag with string

  • The hang tags will leave a hole or metal eyelet for the string to penetrate. The string end diameter must be smaller than the hole diameter or eyelet diameter.
  • The hang tag string length is also important, if hang tag is large, the string needs to be longer; if hang tag is small, the string needs to be short and thin.

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