Custom Round Hang Tags | Circle Swing Tags

Custom printed round hang tags with string, use high quality thick cards to decorate your brand. Glossy or matte cards, leather, pvc, clear plastic, etc. A variety of personalized materials can make your circle swing tags elegant and charming.

We use high-grade environmentally friendly ink, you can print any rich colors on one or both sides, we guarantee the printing is clear. And can be customized in any size, we can also provide professional advice.

Circle swing tags can add a refined look to clothing, retail, gifts, and more, and are the most popular option among die cut hang tags.

Round hang tags material

We can provide almost all hang tag materials.

Sturdy round paper tags are the most commonly used, smooth coated paper, matte black and white card, vintage kraft paper, clear tracing paper, or other special paper. The default thickness of our paper tag is 1mm, you can also customize any other thickness you desire, 0.5mm, 1.8mm, etc. If you want a round tag to be used for a long time and be sturdy enough, we recommend choosing 1mm, or thicker .

custom round hang tags | circle swing tags 1862
round paper tags 1859
round hang tags 1861
circle swing tags 1860

In addition to paper tags, you can also choose more luxurious round tags, leather, pvc, metal, transparent plastic, etc. Paper tags are discarded after customers buy, and these luxurious round tags may be left behind by customers and can be used as key accessories. This will promote your brand in a long-term.

leather Round Hang Tags 1812
pvc Round Hang Tags 1060
Metal Round Hang Tags 831

Round Tag Design

Let our designers free design circle hang tags for you. You don’t need to download boring templates or software. Just send us your text, ideas, or reference pictures, etc. We make sure to create the most professional circular hang tags for you and make your products noticed by customers.

You may already have a great idea, and we can assist you in modifying and perfecting the details. Make your idea even better.

Round Tags With Strings

To match the most delicate strings to your round tags, we offer the most comprehensive range of hang tag string materials. Cotton, polyester, leather, wax cotton, satin tape, flax, etc. With or without logo, safety pins, etc.

You can even choose the thickness and length of the string, we can also provide professional advice and match the most suitable hole size.

Round tag styles are eye-catching, and research shows that viewers pay more attention to smooth, rounded shapes. They can give a positive mood of calm and relaxation. Second, they are softer and provide some security. In addition to circular hang tags, you can also customize our circle stickers to help with your projects.

If you would like to create circular hang tags for your project, please contact us via Email or WhatsApp and we will quote you quickly.
Our hang tags have no minimum order and no maximum order. We are committed to serving every business large and small.

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