Military Leather Patches

Custom embossed military leather patches to make your jackets, hats, bags and more stand out. You can customize any leather, size, logo, thickness, shape, color, etc. The unique leather texture can show a unique texture, whether it is used for the army, navy, air force, police, or military units, your unique ideas will be easily realized here.

Personalized Military Leather Patches

Leather patches are an ancient and never-fading fashion decoration, emboss your logo or text, pattern on the leather, it will bring a sense of pride. Our variety of materials and techniques will perfectly reflect your interesting and unique style.

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Military Tactical Patches for Hats

Custom the best military tactical patches for hats, use them for troops, organizations, units, departments and more. You can customize any design, logo, size, shape and color to match your baseball cap or bonny hat, etc. Use Velcro or sewing to display them on the front, side or back of a hat, or jacket vest, etc. They will bring an unparalleled sense of pride.

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Custom Tactical Patches

Custom made tactical patches velcro for your tactical vest, hat, military dog, backpack, etc. Create your own patch style, you can customize any name, logo, font, design, size, color, shape, etc. Our high-quality embroidered tactical patches, pvc tactical patches, and leather tactical patches ensure that your military equipment has the most durable badges.

Best Custom Tactical Patches

Start creating proud tactical patches for your unit uniforms and equipment, they will be beautiful, sturdy and well-made.

Embroidered Tactical Patches

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Custom Military Patches

Custom create your own military patches for Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Military unit, Morale Patches, etc. Any personalized design and idea can be realized easily.

Military Patch Types

Made the coolest military patches using embroidered, pvc, leather and more. You can customize any army name, logo, size, color, shape, velcro, iron-on backing, edges, etc. As a military patch maker, we provide high quality patches at low cost with no minimum order. We only do high quality and make sure to create the most durable patch badges that can withstand harsh environments.

Embroidered Military Patches

Embroidered Military Patches 920
Embroidered Military Patches 808
Embroidered Military Patches 881
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Metal Leather Labels

Custom personalized metal leather labels, add a unique branded finish to your clothing, hats, bags, handmade items, jeans patch and more.

Metallic leather labels are a combination of metal labels and leather labels, and it is one of the unique designs that luxury brands are keen on. Various metal colors and different textures of genuine or faux leather will bring a whole new level of creativity to your branding.

Metal Leather Labels
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Leather Hang Tags

Leather hang tags are luxury branded swing tags, the unique leather texture will add a superior sense of quality to your products. Custom design the fashion leather hang tags bulk for handbags, clothing, jeans, wallets, keychains, accessories, etc. Our ability can manufacture the quality of luxury brands such as LV to ensure that your luxurious brand stands out.

Easily Custom Any High End Leather Hang Tags

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Custom Leather Keychains Bulk

Custom made leather keychains bulk, embossed your logo, personalized your own leather key ring with durable genuine or faux leather.

We provide custom leather keychains for global brands. Including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc. Large or small quantity? We have no minimum and can meet the customization needs of both large and small business.

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