Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags With Logo

Custom exquisite Kraft paper bags, printed with personalized logos and designs, add unparalleled packaging to your brand. Brown, white, black and any other color options to make your packaging unique.

Kraft paper bags are one of the most popular eco-friendly packaging, widely used in clothing, gifts, shopping, bread, retail, etc.
These exquisite kraft paper bags can be customized in any size and style, printed with various unique logos (gold, silver or color, etc.), and matched any handles.

Imagination is the only limit, no matter what style you want, we can make it happen!

Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags With Logo
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Custom Laminated Paper Bags Manufacturer

Custom high-quality laminated paper bags for your clothing brand, gifts, boutiques, shopping and more.

Our paper packaging is  luxurious and sophisticated. You can choose laminated paper in various thicknesses (157g-700g). Besides, the bag surface can be matte or gloss finishes. Also there are many paper bag handles to choose.

These perfect laminated paper bags will provide unrivaled quality packaging for your products, so that you can customize to any size and logo.

Custom Laminated Paper Bags Manufacturer
Paper bag Photo Gallery

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luxury paper bags printing – manufacturing process

Luxury paper bags printing, our capabilities include all manufacturing processes.

  1. Design

    The design of paper bags is a key part of the entire production process, it determines the choice of paper bags size, materials, technique and functions behind.
    paper bags design

  2. Choosing paper bags material

    We choose paper bags material based on the design or your requirements, then we buy large pieces paper from market.
    Kraft paper has good toughness, high strength but rough surface; card paper (white card/black card) has good stiffness but poor toughness; coated/art paper can print very rich colors, but its stiffness is worse than card paper.
    brown paper bags printed 563

  3. Printing

    We printed on paper bags based on the design, but sometimes there is no printing because logo is not by printed—by hot stamping, UV etc.

  4. Surface treatment
    We will add technique on paper bags surface-to express your logo on paper surface. Usually techniques are UV, hot stamping gold/ silver, embossing/ engraving.
    luxury paper bags printing 582
  5. Film/lamination

    Film is covering paper bags surface with a layer of 0.012-0.020 mm thick transparent plastic film; it usually divides into matte film and glossy film. The film can increase the concentration of color, and make paper waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-aging, tear resistance and puncture resistance. It can give people a soft, high-end, comfortable feeling.

  6. Die cutting

    Now we will put the large well-treated papers on knife mold, cutting papers into required shape and size, it’s the basis of a paper bag shape.

  7. Handwork add bags handle

    The main work is to glue the paper into a bag, then adding the paper bags handle.
    paper bags with handle 586

  8. Quality inspection and packaging

    Finally, we pick out the defective products and use perfect packaging to avoid damage in the process of transportation.

Our paper bags have a perfect professional appearance, making your luxury brand appear high-end.
Contact us if you need luxury paper bags printing, we will give you good quotation

Size of paper bags | standard size of paper bags

Many clients would ask “what is the standard size of paper bags” before paper bags customised. We would say that there is no standard size, but there are some regular size which most customers have produced before. In same industry, the bags size used are often similar. Here are some regular size for your reference.

In shopping industry like supermarket, regular size of paper bags are:
Option1: 400mm×285mm×80mm
Option2: 320mm×260mm×40mm

shopping bags sizes 400mm 285mm 80mm shopping bags sizes 320mm 260mm 40mm

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Paper bags with handle | brown paper bags handle

Handle is a part of a paper bags, but also dependent from paper bags. Once you have well designed a paper bags and chosen paper bags material, you need also consider the matching of a good handle.
You need consider in two aspects: paper bags handle’s material and paper bags handle’s connection structure.

Paper bags handle usually are ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, paper handle(brown paper bags handle), three-stranded rope, herringbone tape, single/twill jersey tape, hemp rope etc.
  1. The ribbon is very popular, the surface is very smooth and flat with a little shiny effect, the ribbon always express luxury signal to people; but it is not so strong as other handles.
    paper bags with handle 598
  2. The grosgrain ribbon is the most commonly used ribbon, the texture is one line by on line with concave-convex feeling, it is mainly made of polyester.
    paper bags with handle 557
  3. The three-strand rope is made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other material. It has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  4. The hemp rope refers to the fiber rope of all kinds of hemp plants, often paired with brown paper bags
    brown paper bags handle 612
  5. The paper handle, is made of paper, it has a strong bearing capacity, but compared with the cloth handle, the interface between the paper handle and the bag body is easier to break. Therefore, paper handle carrying handbags are often used to pack small crafts and accessories. Also often paired with brown paper bags
    brown paper bags handle 613
  6. The herringbone tape mainly is woven with cotton textile and formed into a “herringbone” shape; the texture is typical. The features are not easy to shrink or deform, feels thicker and comfortable.
  7. The single/twill jersey tape are two classic weaving methods of fabric. The texture is very smooth. The warp and weft yarns are interwoven one by one, but the density is not high.
There are two main styles for the connection structure of the paper bags with handle. (connect handle to bags)
  1. First style is that make total four holes at each side of paper bags, put the handle through the holes, knot the handle ends or add plastic buckles, then the handles will be stuck, this kind structure is very strong, can hold very heavy things in bags.
    paper bags with handle 566
  2. Second types is that cut four cracks inside of bags top, put the handles into the cracks, then glue it. This style is always for good look, but it is not strong to hold heavy things.
    You can add rivets to make it firm.
    paper bags with handle 554

Printing on paper bags | printed logo paper bags

If you want your logo looks more luxury and creative on paper bags, you need pay attention to logo printing techniques.
Paper bags are similar to paper hang tags, they often use same paper, and their logo techniques are also similar. Like printed paper bags, embossed paper bags/engraved paper bags, hot stamping gold/silver paper bags, UV paper bags, matte/shiny finish paper bags, adding texture paper bags etc.

Printing on paper bags

Among all of them, printed logo paper bags is most common, if your logo is very colorful and beautiful, you can print on art paper bags because it is smooth enough to reflect colorful effect;
If your logo is simple and clean, you can print on black card or white card paper bag.
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4 Paper Bags Material Types

Paper bags are cheap and high-quality packaging. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has many types of paper material. It is very suitable for clothing, promotional items, envelopes, boutiques, gifts, shopping, business, retail, etc.

High-quality paper bags are a must for any fashion design and are a powerful tool for brand promotion.

Which material should be used for custom paper bags?

It depends on your design, different materials have their different styles and printing characteristics.

Usually there are four type material to make paper bag, that is art paper/coated paper, black card, white card, Kraft paper.

4 Paper Bags Material Types
Paper bag Photo Gallery

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Custom Printed Paper Bags With Logo

“” custom printed high-quality paper bags at competitive prices. From which you can make the perfect packaging for your products.

We offer a wide range of printed paper bag options, so that you can use different personalized materials and logo techniques to write your brand story.

Customize paper bag packaging in any size, color and styles. You can use them for clothing, promotional items, envelopes, boutiques, gifts, shopping, business, retail and so on. All in all, our bags can make your brand stand out.

Explore our paper bag photo gallery for more creativity. Or send us sample pictures elsewhere.

Custom Printed Paper Bags With Logo
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