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Among all kinds of stickers, paper sticker are most common and widely used, can printed logo, design, care instructions, price or sizes, bar codes, etc. Who will use sticker and what’s the function?

Sticker function

Some people will use them to express their brands by sticking stickers on products surface like on furniture, pots, mirrors. These stickers will be full printed with logo or design, or hot stamped gold or silver effect. Their shapes are die cut into variates- like a dog shape, like a drop of water. Anyway, these stickers are to express brands and look impressive.

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Some stickers are very simple, they are put on clothing, specifically, stuck on the back of hang tags. The shapes are die cut just into square or round, colors are usually white and black, with clothing components or care instructions or price or sizes printed it.

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Some paper stickers are merely used as adhesive tapes. For example, there needs to be a sticker for sealing when using tissue paper to wrap something. The printing on the stickers seems not so important, what matters is the adhesive level and hopefully the size should not be too small.

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There are also some plain paper stickers, you can write information on them by yourselves and stick wherever you want. Also you can use a sticker print machine to print information on them, like you need print address and personal information when deliver parcels, or print bar codes in hospital or in supermarket.

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