Some suggestions to help you design stickers

First of all, don’t design too much information.
Stickers are often small, simply-made products with strong target which is to express sharp information or crux points, what’s more, their small dimension can contain too many letters or texts. We suggest you can use a few most important letters or a big logo in you design, choose a good color, then your sticker will look attractive.

logo sticker 0471

Secondly, pay attention to the colors you design (it depends on different occasions).
if you want your own stickers to be waterproof for outdoor use or something, then you have to choose plastic stickers. In these stickers, your design must be of simple color like just black or white or one-color logo due to technique limitation;
If you will use paper stickers or epoxy stickers, you can print any color even gradient color, you can also hot stamping gold or silver or other metallic color.

paper sticker 0480 epoxy sticker 0486

If you need holographic stickers, you just need design the shape and text position in stickers, don’t have to design the color because the color will match with holographic sticker background.

holographic sticker 0470 holographic sticker 0474

At last, if you want your own stickers more special, or you want us help you design, you can send your personal requests to our email or phone us directly, we will offer our more professional suggestions.

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