What material is used for waterproof stickers?

Paper clothing stickers are very common, but usually not waterproof. When sometimes stickers have to meet the rain or water drops but need remaining undestroyed, some special material stickers need to stand out.

Paper sticker 0484

Plastic stickers, material from PET, vinyl, PVC etc. are absolutely waterproof. Many people will stick them on outdoor products like cars, umbrellas, outdoor chairs, or sometimes in basin, mops and so on. These stickers are very simple, thin in thickness, color is often clear background, print black or white logo, shapes can be customized anyway.

PET waterproof sticker 0482 vinyl waterproof sticker 0483 PVC waterproof sticker 0471

Another waterproof sticker is epoxy sticker, how are they made?
Firstly, use a normal paper sticker, print information or logo needed, then put the paper sticker into a mold, pour epoxy liquid on it, after cooling down, an epoxy sticker forms. Epoxy papers stickers are very thick(2-3mm), look very attractive with logo inside a “mirror” as the epoxy liquid is clear, accordingly, these stickers price is higher, Most people would use them on more luxury products like on the handle of table tennis paddle, or luxury pool side desks, or mobile phone backside.

epoxy waterproof sticker 0486


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