Tissue Paper For Clothes Packing

Customize high-quality acid-free tissue paper for your luxury clothes packing, print your logo, and make your brand stand out. White tissue paper, or personalize the color you want, or customize a suitable size. We can do everything you want.

Tissue Paper For Clothes Packing
Wrapping Tissue Paper Photo Gallery

Find the right clothing tissue paper from our gallery, you can contact us by Email or WhatsApp to customize and wholesale the tissue. Whether it’s a large business or a small business, we’ve got you covered. You can also customize tissue paper without logo.

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Custom Printed Tissue Paper With Logo

Custom design tissue paper in any color, printed your logo in high quality, and add personalized packaging to your products.

You can choose the color from Pantone card, and customize any size and logo layout.

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, send your design works, or design requests, then we can easily customize professional packaging tissue paper.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper With Logo
Wrapping Tissue Paper Photo Gallery
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Custom printed logo wrapping paper

We customize high-quality wrapping paper with good prices, mainly for: clothing, bags, shoes, hats, scarves, textiles, gifts (Christmas), etc.

Tissue Paper For Clothes Packing
Wrapping Tissue Paper Photo Gallery

Our packaging paper is environmentally friendly acid-free paper, which is soft and comfortable, strong in toughness, and not easily broken.
We have professional technique to ensure that the wrapping paper is delicate, flat, smooth and free of odor.
Our tissue paper is a translucent thin paper with uniform light transmission, moisture resistance, and breathability, which can well protect the products from scratches.
The regular wrapping paper is much thinner than A4 copy paper, the copy paper is 70 grams, tissue paper is 17grams usually.
We can print the logo in various colors according to your needs.


Color: single color, four-color printing, hot stamping gold, silver and other colors.
Paper: 17grams normal paper, 21-39grams waxed paper, 26, 28, 38, 48grams typing paper, etc. (We can also custom according to your sample or picture)
Technique: bronzing, etc. (according to your needs)
Size: according to your needs
Design: We provide professional design