Custom engraved clothing buttons

“” offers a wide range of high-grade buttons, mainly used for clothing sewing, including shirts, jeans, children’s wear, coats, jackets, etc. We can customize buttons according to your logo, size, color and style. Our minimum order quantity is small.

clothing buttons catalogue
Clothing buttons catalogue

The resin buttons we provide are carved by automatic nailing machine. They are carefully polished without burrs, smooth and delicate, no fading, Resin buttons can be laser engraving your logo, mainly used for shirts and other light fabrics.

We also provide metal buttons and snap buttons with rivets and other small accessories, sturdy, washable, wear-resistant, rust-free, mainly used for thicker fabrics such as jeans.

Also plastic buttons, horn buttons, shell buttons, wooden buttons, imitation shell buttons and so on.

Our products are made of high-grade materials and meet environmental standards to ensure the quality of our products. We will provide one-to-one after-sales service.

If you need customize a button for your brand, please provide a design or physical sample (or picture), we also provide professional design.


Size: customized according to your needs (we will provide advice)

Material: resin, plastic, copper, iron, alloy, natural wood, shell, etc.

Style: calf button, 4-hole button, 2-hole button and so on. Can be customized according to your needs

Design: Please provide your logo, we offer free design and 1:1 3d design

Color: customized according to your needs

Quantity: small MOQ

Plastic hang tag string for clothing

“” customizes a variety of plastic hang tag string, including bullet hangtag string, two-in-one seal, Epoxy string seal, silk screen string seal, general hangtag string, single-stuck hang tag string, hang tag string with safety pins, etc.

Logo technology, length, plastic seal size, color, etc. can be customized according to your needs.

Hang tag string are used in clothing, shoes, hats, reusable shopping bags, jewelry and other products that require hang tags.

hang tag string options
Hang tag string catalogue

From hang tag string material, hang tag string design, hang tag string technology etc, determine whether the hang tag string suppliers is of high quality.

Our hang tag string is easy to tighten by hand and will be permanently locked after use. If they are locked, they cannot be reused. (It is hard to remove it by hand because it is very strong)

If you need hanging tag string, you can contact us. We have a good pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure the quality of the hanging tag string and make your products more refined.


String: satin, nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton rope, waxed cotton string etc.

Logo technology: hot stamping gold/silver, printing, etc.

Seal: mainly plastic

Color: according to your needs

Size: according to your needs

Hang tag string usually are connected with hang tags. So, custom hang tag with string, the size must be considered, especially the string end diameter.

Custom printed fabric labels | Main label design

We customize high quality printed fabric labels, including care labels, size labels, main labels etc. widely used in clothing brand, children’s products, hats, accessories, etc. Our printed fabric labels are made of the highest quality materials with excellent durability (no matter by washing, scratching, smudging or alcohol). After repeated washing (including dry cleaning), the printing still remains clear.

Custom printed fabric labels
Printed labels catalogue

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Woven Labels for Clothing, With Own Logo Name

“” custom woven name labels is mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, handbags, suitcases, ties, etc., using high-quality materials and high-quality Sewing Crafts to ensure excellent quality and durability. Our MOQ is small quantity to meet the needs of small businesses.

The woven labels has the characteristics of high end, firm color and soft hand feeling.
Each woven labels with own logo has a different color.  The correct matching of the logo’s definition and color determines the overall effect of the woven labels. We guarantee that the real product font is beautiful and clear, we will choose the most similar yarn color according to your design, to minimize the color difference. (If your color requirements are very strict, we can choose the most matching yarn color according to Pantone card for your confirmation, then make sample first)
You can boldly use creative fonts and bright colors to personalize your woven label. We have professional designers offering about the size, material, color and technique requirements good advice and woven labels design to meet your customization needs.

Woven name labels for clothing

Woven labels with personalized name will make your clothing more attractive. Create a personalized name woven labels from us will impress your customers.
We can customize the materials, sizes, colors and technique according to your needs.
You can choose soft and matte damask woven labels, woven with fine yarn, it is high density, woven logo is clear, and the colors can be arbitrarily matched.
You can also choose a soft and luster satin woven labels, its yarn density is not high, but there are woven edge on the top and bottom, will look more high-end.

woven name labels for clothing
Satin woven label catalogue

woven labels with own logo
Damask woven label catalogue

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Metal Tags for Clothing | Metal Labels

We custom high-quality metal tags and labels, mainly used for clothing, including bags, shirts, jeans, hats, etc.
It also used for metal jewelry tags, nameplates, key chains, dog tags, buttons, zipper pulls, etc.

Metal Tags for Clothing
Metal label catalogue

High-end clothing brands choose metal tags as clothing accessories, is a good choice. It can used with leather labels, to make your clothing more high-end.
And choosing a good metal labels supplier is very important, price and MOQ are very important factors. Our MOQ is low, you can send your request, we can give you a preferential price.
In addition to the price, the quality of the metal tags is very important. Our metal tags surface is smooth and bright, and the electroporating color is uniform, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, and waterproof. It can be used on swimwear.

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Custom printed hang tags for clothing

Hang tags can clearly express the material, specifications, model of the clothing, and can also enhance the influence of the brand.
We customize clothing tag, clothes tag, luggage tag, shoe tag, etc.

Hang tags catalogue
Hang tags catalogue

  1. MOQ: According to your needs (according to materials, processes, quantity quotes, large quantity and better price)
  2. Product specifications: customized according to your requirements, pls send us your files or logo, we can help hang tag design.
  3. Hang tags material: Single art paper/double art paper, Special paper, PVC paper Coated paper, Kraft paper, single-sided and double-sided cardboard, insulating paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, etc.
  4. Technique: CMYK four-color printing, special color printing, embossing, film (light glue, matt glue), UV, hot foil, etc
  5. Other accessories: hanging stringeyelet, etc

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