high quality luxury selvage woven label

Selvage satin woven label is very top-graded with good quality, widely used in luxury clothing like suits, coats, hand bags, lace dresses etc.

high quality satin woven label 1191 high quality satin woven label 1157 high quality satin woven label 1251
high quality satin woven label 1174 high quality satin woven label 1154 high quality satin woven label 1204
high quality satin woven label 1268 high quality satin woven label 1230 high quality satin woven label 1176

Selvage woven label looks smooth and slightly shiny, more featured than damask woven label. Edge is well selvage, and is comfortable to touch skin. The logo in Selvage woven label is not so delicate as damask woven label, but the texture is clear. Continue reading “high quality luxury selvage woven label”

Damask woven label made with high density string

Damask woven labels are very normal woven labels with low cost. Damask woven labels are very soft to touch, so they are widely used in skin-touch clothing like T-shirt, sportswear, underwear, sweater etc.

high density Damask woven labels 1070 high density Damask woven labels 1147 high density Damask woven labels 1112
High density Damask woven labels 1177 High density Damask woven labels 1179 High density Damask woven labels 1196

Our damask woven label is made with high density string. Your design can be well woven to better show the details of your logo.
If your logo are very tiny and thin, then using our thin and high density string can make your logo very delicate. Continue reading “Damask woven label made with high density string”

custom printed cotton | canvas bags

We customize fashion cotton/canvas bags with rich experience and professional services. We will help If you have any needs.
Our custom printed cotton/canvas bags are mainly used for shopping, gift packaging, beaches and schools, etc., using high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics, our fabric bags are durable and strong.
You can personalize tote bags, drawstring bags, bags or other styles. We can customize them according to your design. You can freely choose the color, size, structure and thickness of fabric, or add linings and zippers. We will provide professional advice.
If you have no design nor a good idea, we also provide professional design assistance.
We pay great attention to bags quality and your satisfaction. If there is a problem with the product due to quality or technique, we can remake it or refund.


Material: cotton, canvas, non-woven fabric, muslin etc. (you can also provide samples or pictures for customization).
Thickness: 4oz, 5oz, 5.5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, etc. (customized according to your needs, or we provide suggestions).
Size: according to your needs.
Color: according to your needs.

custom high quality packaging boxes with logo

We customize various types of packaging boxes, mainly used for packaging shoes, bags, clothing, gifts and other products.

We can print logos or images in various colors according to your needs. If you logo is just jpg, we will convert them into vector graphics to ensure that the logo is printed clearly. In addition to logo printing, we can add the texture of the box.
You can choose different paper of different thickness, can also choose different folding ways.
You can also decorate box with ribbons, labels or wrapping paper, etc., which can also be personalized, can also add a liner inside box to well protect luxury products.

Packaging boxes catalogue
Packaging boxes catalogue

Our packing box is of good quality with accurate size, you can customize various shapes and sizes of clothing boxes (rectangular, square, polygonal, cylindrical, etc.).
With high-quality paper, professional advice and design assistance, we can customize high-quality packaging boxes according to your design or ideas.
If you want a personalized box, please send us the details of the box: size, material, color, technique etc. (pls send samples or pictures if you have).

Box can be foldable or with cover and lid, our boxes are very durable and can be reused for a long time. Hidden strong magnetic can be added to make the box open and close repeatedly.

Size: according to your needs (if you not know, please provide size of your packaged items).
Material: corrugated paper, gray board, kraft paper, special paper, black card, white card, art paper, etc.
Color: according to your needs.
Technique: hot stamping gold or silver, film matte or bright, UV, reverse UV, frosted, emboss or deboss etc.
Others: ribbons, wrapping paper, stickers, etc.
Lining: EVA, sponge, paper, velvet, satin cloth, etc.

Custom printed paper bags with logo

Good paper bag packaging is very important to your brand and it can raise the grade.
If you want to personalize paper bags, please send your customized requests to our email (Info@ClothingTags.cn).

paper bags catalogue
Paper bags catalogue

We offer paper bags in different styles at reasonable prices, ideal for clothing, shopping, gift packaging, retail goods, envelopes etc.
We can customize paper bags with different styles, structures and folding ways according to your needs. For example, you can choose with or without handles, different ways of perforation (with perforated eye rope, non-perforated eye rope, cordless non-perforated handle or other designs), bag surface can be smooth or matte.
If you do not have a design nor a good idea, we can also provide professional design and advice. If your design picture is unclear, we will turn it into a vector illustration for you to ensure that the logo is printed clearly.
Your satisfaction is very important. If you have any dissatisfaction with our paper bags, please send us an email and we will solve it as soon as possible (if there are problems with the materials or technique, we can remake the product or refund)


Material: white card, gray board, art paper, kraft paper, black card (cannot print complex colors, can hot stamping gold or silver etc.), special paper, etc. Paper thickness is generally 157g-700g. (You can provide samples or pictures; we will provide suggestions according to your needs)

Handle: cotton rope, three-strand rope, nylon rope, wide flat rope, ribbon, etc.

Technique: color printing, hot stamping gold or silver, frosted, UV, Film (bright, matte), adding texture, emboss and deboss, eyelet, etc.

Size: according to your needs

Color: according to your needs

Structure: according to your needs

Our professional service and quality will surely impress you and will not let you down.
Our custom-made paper bags are made of durable and environmentally-friendly materials that is biodegradable and recyclable; they are bonded with strong glue and can be reused many times before recycling (the handle will not fall off or the bag will crack during normal use, our bags are sturdy and durable without smell).


custom printed plastic packaging bags with logo

“Clothingtags.cn” customize high-quality plastic packaging bags, widely used in clothing packaging, mailing envelopes, shopping, gifts and all retail products.
We are professional to make your design or idea more perfect, we can carefully design a special plastic packaging bag for your brand.

Plastic packaging bags catalogue
Plastic packaging bags catalogue
  • You have multiple options:
  1. Mainly for packaging

    Reusable plastic zipper bag (with plastic zipper in the opening)–reusable
    Plastic hook bag (can be installed hooks according to your needs)–reusable
    Plastic self-adhesive bag (with self-adhesive seal attached to the opening)–single use
    Plastic heat sealing bag (without any treatment in the opening)–single use

  2. Mainly for shopping

    Plastic tote bag
    Plastic handle bag

  3. Other types

    We have a variety of technique and multi-color printing technologies. We can customize high-quality plastic bags of any size and any color according to your needs.
    We guarantee the bag logo is clear, odorless, soft to the touch and not easily deformed and broken.
    If you don’t have a design or have a good idea, we will provide professional suggestions and design, to make beautiful and low-cost plastic packaging bags on your needs.

  • Details

Material: OPP, PE, PVC, PET, LDPE, HDPE, CPE, PP, CPP, PBAT, etc. (can provide samples or pictures / we will provide suggestions accordingly)
Technique: frosted, transparent, holographic, hot foil gold/silver, adding plastic hooks, etc.
Color: to your needs
Size: to your needs

Bags made with the highest quality materials, make your brand perfect