Where To Get Best Clothing Tags Made?

Where to get best clothing tags made? Want to make your product stand out?

Clothing tags are an important project in writing a brand’s story

Every big brand starts with a small business, “ClothingTAGs.cn” has witnessed the process of countless small businesses turning into big brands. These brands are customizing different clothing labels every year, constantly modify and improve the label details.

This Is Challenging

In the process of customizing and improving clothing labels, problems always appear, and there may be problems with yourself or suppliers, and the most important thing is the communication with manufacturing partners.

A professional supplier can quickly make the most professional and effective response, not only can make up for the problem, but also provide more help. It can save you a lot of time and energy.

Many customers will tell me that many suppliers have very poor service, very high prices, and poor quality. Indeed, a bad supplier will cost you a lot of time, energy, and even costs.

How to find the best clothing tag supplier? I recommend you to use “ClothingTAGs.cn”.

where to get clothing tags made
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Clear clothing labels, Tpu clothing labels

We customize transparent TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) clothing labels. They are various in function, such as main labels, care labels, wash labels, size labels, etc..And they are very popular in sports clothing, swimwear, or swimming caps, etc.

TPU clothing labels design
TPU clothing labels image
  • Our tpu clothing label is very soft and comfortable to touch (very light and thin), has good elasticity and strong recovery ability (easy to sew, rub and durable). Also the color keeps well, not fade after washes. At the same time, we have good printing technology to ensure that the logo is clear.
  • Our TPU clothing labels material is environmentally friendly, which do not cause allergic problems, and are not easy to absorb bacteria.
  • Our TPU clothing label is good for small business because our MOQ is very small.

To customize your label, pls send us your design or sample. The design’s color, font and content can customize on your needs. Moreover, we have a professional team providing professional advice and design. If you don’t have a vector artwork, we provide a free conversion vector to ensure your logo is printed clearly.

If you need customize the tpu tag, please send us an email, and we will quote price shortly.

  • Details:

Material: translucent tpu, transparent eva, etc.

Technique: matte, screen printing, bronzing, etc.

Color: according to your needs

Size: according to your needs

Design: We provide professional design

TPU clothing labels are used by many fashion brands, and become a new fashion trend. Its material is transparent, so it can make your product clearer.