Custom Rubber Zipper Pulls For Garment

Custom logo rubber zipper pulls for your garment. Make your brand stand out.

Our rubber zipper pulls can customize any color, size, shape and style, and are extremely durable to last for years without fading.

Our team will provide you with the most professional service. Whatever you want, we can provide, no matter delivery and design.

Custom Rubber Zipper Pulls
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Custom Design Metal Zipper Pulls

Custom cool and durable metal zipper pulls to decorative your handbags, clothing, outerwear and more. Engraved, embossed or laser print your logo to add a luxurious branded look to your products.

Personalize your own metal sliders with a variety of metal colors, shapes, and sizes. You can just custom metal pulls, or install sliders on zippers.

Metal colors

Use a variety of metal finishes to match your clothing series.
Gold, silver, copper, ancient brass, rose gold, gun metal, nickel etc., (both glossy and matte)

Custom Metal Zipper Pulls
Zipper Pulls Photo Gallery
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We provide a wealth of zipper options, can be installed for you for free, saving you a lot of time.

Material: metal, resin, nylon, invisible and waterproof zipper, etc.
Size: #1, #3, #5, #8, #12, #15, etc.
Color: Customize any color according to your needs
Length: Customized according to your needs.
Please tell us the zipper size you need before customizing the zipper puller.

Metal Zippers


1 Metal Zippers #1


2 Metal Zippers #3


3 Metal Zippers #5


4 Metal Zippers #5


5 Metal Zippers #5


6 Metal Zippers #5


7 Metal Zippers #5


8 Metal Zippers #5


9 Metal Zippers #5

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