Alloy label

There are many different metal materials that can be made into labels, like alloy, iron, Aluminum, steel, copper etc. Which material is best? Our more than 10 years’ experience confirm that is zinc alloy. Why? In below aspects the reasons will be revealed.

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  1. From production technique: We all know metal label is created from mold in which the metal liquid is poured and cooled before the metal label shape forms. Therefore, the metal must be easy to melt and clot at certain temperature. The zinc alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity, is easy for welding and shape forming.
  2. From color riches. Zinc alloy surface is smooth, easier to electroplate colors than other metal material, so it can be electroplated many different colors like gold, silver, brass, gun metal black etc. Besides electroplating, it can be silkscreen print colors and laser cut.
  3. From color fasten. Zinc alloy metal label is preservative, the color will not fade after washing even in salt water, and it will not get rusty.
  4. From cost. The cost for zinc alloy is relatively low. So, they are more wildly used for companies just got started.

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