Screen Printing and Digital Printing for Labels

Many customers do not understand the printing technique of printing labels and do not know how to best present their logos. This article will talk about some conventional printing technique: screen printing labels, thick plate screen printing labels, digital printing labels and dyeing cotton printing labels.

Screen printing labels

  • Screen printing labels refers to the use of silk screen as the base. When printing, ink is poured into one end of the silk screen plate, and a scraper is used to apply a certain pressure to the ink part on the printing plate, and at the same time move toward the other end at a uniform speed, and the ink is squeeze from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate. The principle is that the mesh of the image and text can pass through the ink, and the mesh of the non-image and text cannot pass the ink.
    Screen printing is suitable for all kinds of fabric labels, including satin labels, cotton labels, ribbons, etc. But screen printing cannot print gradient colors.

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  • Thick plate (3D) screen printing is repeated printing many times through thick plate glue, so that the glue is layered one by one, and the printed pattern will have a little raised feeling. Thick plate screen printing are suitable for customers with special needs, and the cost of this kind of printed labels is relatively high.
    3d screen printing

Digital printing for labels

  • Digital printing for labels is the digitization of printing technology, and the pattern is printed directly on the printing label through the computer. Its characteristics: can print one sheet, no need plate making. It can print very vivid colors, including gradient colors, but the fabric surface needs to be very smooth, so we generally use satin tapes for digital printing.

    Digital printing for labels

Dyeing is usually suitable for cotton printing labels, because the cotton surface is not flat, so full-page printing cannot be performed, and complex colors cannot be printed. So the cotton printing labels can be dyed to the required color by dyeing. The disadvantage is that dyeing takes a long time, so the delivery time of dyed cotton label is generally longer.

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