Types of paper bag rope handles

Handle is a part of a paper bag, once you have well designed a paper bag, you need chosen ideal rope types, also need consider a good handle structure.
You need to consider the types of paper bag handle from two aspects: paper bag handle rope types and paper bag handle structure types.

  • Paper bag handle rope types usually are three-stranded rope, ribbon, herringbone tape, single/twill jersey tape, grosgrain ribbon, paper rope, hemp rope etc.
  1. The grosgrain ribbon is the most commonly used ribbon, the texture is one line by on line with concave-convex feeling, it is mainly made of polyester.
    paper bag handle grosgrain ribbon 590
  2. The paper rope, is made of paper, it has a strong bearing capacity, but compared with the cloth rope, the interface between the paper rope and the bag body is easier to break. Therefore, paper rope carrying handbags are often used to pack small crafts and accessories.
    paper bag paper rope handle 613
  3. The hemp rope refers to the fiber rope of all kinds of hemp plants, often paired with kraft paper bags.
  4. The three-strand rope is made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other material. It has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
    paper bag three-stranded rope handle 612
  5. The ribbon is very popular, the surface is very smooth and flat with a little shiny effect, the ribbon always express luxury signal to people; but it is not so strong as other ropes.
    paper bag three-strand rope handle 603
  6. The herringbone tape mainly is woven with cotton textile and formed into a “herringbone” shape; the texture is typical. The features are not easy to shrink or deform, feels thicker and comfortable.
    paper bag handle herringbone tape 610
  7. The single/twill jersey tape are two classic weaving methods of fabric. The texture is very smooth. The warp and weft yarns are interwoven one by one, but the density is not high.
    paper bag rope handle 611
  • The paper bag handle structures (connect handle to bag) are mainly two types.
  1. First types is that make total four holes at each side of paper bag, put the rope through the holes, knot the rope ends or add plastic buckles(tipping rope), then the ropes will be stuck, this kind structure is very strong, can hold very heavy things in bags.
    tipping rope paper bag handles 566
  2. Second types is that cut four cracks inside of bags top, put the ropes into the cracks, then glue it. This style is always for good look, but it is not strong to hold heavy things.
    You can add rivets to make it firm.

    types of paper bag rope handle 554

Paper bags with logo printed | embossed

If you want your logo looks more luxury and creative on paper bags, you need pay attention to logo printing techniques.
Paper bags are similar to paper hang tags, they often use same paper, and their logo techniques are also similar, like printed paper bags, embossed paper bags/engraved paper bags, hot stamping gold/silver paper bags, UV paper bags, matte/shiny finish paper bags, adding texture paper bags etc.

  • Among all of them, printed paper bags is most common, if your logo is very colorful and beautiful, you can print on art paper bag because it is smooth enough to reflect colorful effect;
    if your logo is simple and clean, you can print on black card or white card paper bag.

    Paper bags with logo printed 624 Paper bags with logo printed 629
  • Embossed paper bags/engraved paper bags is the technique that by pressing your logo on paper bags from front or backside your logo will raise or sink. This technique is suitable for large logo like big letters or simple symbols, you can also print logo first, then embossing/engraving on the printed areas.
    On the paper bags surface, you can also add texture to make the paper bags looks more luxury, we have many texture style, you can visit our list.

    Embossed paper bags 589
  • Gold/silver hot stamping paper bags is special because it shows metallic shiny logo, this logo technique can be used on any paper material, whats more, the metallic color is not only gold,silver, there are many color color, you can visit our list.
    gold hot stamping bag 627
  • UV is some kind of clear liquid, spread it on paper bags surface according to logo shape, the logo color is exact same as paper bags background color, if background is black, then the logo is black, if you want other color, you can printd logo, then UV. The logo looks shiny because it’s the feature of UV.
    spot uv paper bags 620
  • There is another technique just doing with the paper bags itself called finish or coating. By putting a film on the paper bags, the paper bags will be waterproof. There is usally two of them-matte and shiny finish/coating.

custom brand paper bags – 4 material

Paper bags are frequently used in packaging, to package clothing and gifts and many other things. While in shopping, you will see that after buying your clothing will be well packed in a beautiful paper bag in almost any clothing brand, and the paper bags in every brand have unique beauty and are attractive all of them. How does every brand customized paper bags look so attractive, Because they have paid much attention on the material.

Usually there are four type material to custom paper bag, that is art paper/coated paper bags, black card paper bags, white card paper bags, kraft paper bags.
  • Art paper bags/ coated paper bags is most normal, the paper itself color is off-white, if your brand(logo) base color is NOT completely white, you can use it. Print a simple black logo, add a black handle, the customized paper bag will look simple but elegant; the paper bags surface is smooth enough to print any colors. If your brand(logo) is colorful like a picture, you can use it, adding a colorful handle, then your customized paper bag will look attractive and fashion.
    Art paper bags 587
  • Besides art paper bags/ coated paper bags, there is one similar paper bags, its white card paper bags. This paper bags is completely white, like snow white. This color usually goes with some pure clothing like white silk dress, adding a white cotton handle, this customized paper bag will look amazing. But please not print too many colors, because this paper bags is not so smooth as art paper bags.
    white paper bags 591
  • If your brand base color is black, you may choose black card paper bags, because black card is totally black with matte effect, you can print a white color or hot stamping silver/gold color, so matte black base compares with shiny silver/gold, your customized paper bags will look impressive and mysterious.
    black paper bags 553
  • Another material is kraft paper bags, its mainly used in brand gift packaging or some vintage clothing, this paper is classic brown, expressing vintage effect. This paper bags is also thin, and usually made to a small size paper bags so that just well to contain a gift. Its surface also not smooth, so please do not print too many colors.
    kraft paper bags-614