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Buttons are not only to fix the opening of the clothes, but also an important embellishment of the clothes. There are many different types of buttons, which can be matched with different fashion clothes shirts. Finding the button that best matches your clothing style can make your clothing shirts more attractive.

how many types of buttons are there?

Buttons can be divided into more than 10 types according to materials, and there are 8 types of commonly used buttons. The following is the most professional button types introduction.
Commonly used button types are generally divided into resin buttons, plastic buttons, shell buttons, metal buttons, ABS buttons, wood buttons, coconut shell buttons, horn buttons, etc.
All types, you can custom buttons with logo.


Resin buttons vs Plastic buttons

Because of the different production methods, resin buttons are heavier than plastic buttons, and the surface is smoother and more textured. Therefore, the application of resin buttons is also more extensive, and it is often used in casual clothes such as shirts.
Resin buttons are very durable and wear-resistant, but plastic buttons are more tenacity. Therefore, plastic buttons are widely used in snaps.
Resin buttons can choose any color, including white, black, pearlescent, transparent, etc. It can also imitate shell buttons, horn buttons and wooden buttons, etc.
The shapes and structures of resin buttons are also diverse. Any shape and structure of resin buttons can be custom your brand logo.


Types of  shell buttons

Shell buttons are made of natural shells and have a unique color.
To make shell buttons, we need to buy shells and use the pearly inner surface of the shell to make buttons. The colorful pearl luster texture is its biggest feature, it will make the clothes look very high-end. It is generally used in suits, dresses, and other high-end clothing.
There are many types of shells, and different shell buttons have different pearl luster texture.
Commonly used mother of pearl buttons mainly include white mother of pearl shell buttons, black mother of pearl shell buttons, trocas shell buttons, abalone shell buttons, pinctada martensii buttons, tarot shell buttons, pteria penguin buttons, etc.


Types of metal buttons

Metal buttons are divided into tack buttons, snap buttons, buttons with holes, etc. They are generally used as accessories for jeans, denim jacket, overalls, etc.
The color of the metal buttons is the same as the metal labels, you can choose gold, silver, gun metal, rose gold, anti-brass etc.
The metal buttons can customize the brand logo and design a unique shape. If you need a personalized metal buttons, we provide free professional design, including 3D renderings.
In addition to metal buttons, there are many metal accessories, including adjustment buckles, D buckles, cord locks, etc., which can be engraved with brand logos.


ABS buttons

ABS buttons are made of plastic, “ABS” is a kind of plastic material.
The ABS buttons can be made to have the same metal surface as the metal button through electroplating, and it is very light. Therefore, it is not only commonly used in coats, but also in clothing with light fabrics.


Wood buttons vs Coconut shell buttons

Wood buttons and coconut shell buttons, like shell buttons, have a unique natural color pattern. They are mainly used in casual clothes, shirts and children’s clothes.
Wood buttons will swell due to water absorption, and may crack and deform after drying. Coconut shell buttons are better, and coconut shell buttons are harder than wood buttons.

Wood buttons vs Coconut shell buttons

Horn buttons

The horn buttons is made from the horn of a cow, and it also has a unique texture. It is only used on very expensive suits and coats.
The horn buttons is a luxurious clothing buttons. Only the solid part of the horn tip is suitable for making a button. A 1M cow horn can only be used with a tip of about 15 cm.
Therefore, many brands use resin imitation horn buttons, which are very smooth, uniform in color and regular in texture.


There are other types of buttons: leather buttons, cloth buttons, etc.

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