3d heat transfer | Heat transfer label material

Heat transfer labels are usually divided into flat heat transfer labels, thick(3d) heat transfer labels, and 3d silicone heat transfer labels. The materials are different.

  1. Flat heat transfer labels use heat transfer ink, also called sublimation ink, which is a kind of disperse dye-ink and water-based ink. The ink composition is different, we need select ink according to the fabric, so that the adhesion is the highest on fabric and can use a long time.
  2. Thick(3D) heat transfer label uses thick plate starch, which is composed of high molecular polymer (mainly resin) and pigment. It can be made up to 1mm thick, it has good fastness and low cost.
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  3. 3d silicone heat transfer label

    Of course, the silicon heat transfer label uses silicon. The silicon is prepared according to 10:1 with pigment, mixed thoroughly and printed on the transfer film. Silicone heat transfer label 3D effect is very good, can be made very thick, the material is environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively high.

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