Heat transfer printing pros and cons

Heat transfer labels is widely used in our daily life. What is the advantage and disadvantage of it? It is easy to produce, cost is low, can print complex images, very popular in many different industries; but it feels not so soft, and may have cracks after using long time.

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  1. Printing is simple

    Instead of plate making, repeating printing, tools or complex materials needed by screen printing, heat transfer only needs an ordinary computer. One person can operate printing independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, products finish quickly. It requires low experience, as long as worker understands simple image-dealing software.

  2. Not damage target material

    It can print not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton etc.; it can print on inorganic materials or complex organic material. And it is compatible with different materials, avoiding the problem of selecting materials needed by screen printing and water transfer, and also avoiding the damage of organic materials such as leather, cloth, cotton etc.

  3. Accurate location

    It avoids the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing. It combines high-tech computer synthesis and auto-control technology, can accurately align the position to be printed. Since it is multi-color printing at one time, there will be no problem of color registration.

  4. Image printing

    Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, cannot achieve all color transitions based on images, so the effect of silk screen printing will have a clear color boundary between different colors. However, many products color is complex or gradient such as trademarks or photos. Heat transfer can perfectly meet this demand, the printing is smooth and vivid then on images

  5. Multiple printing

    The production procedure is simple and the cost is low, you can change the content of printing at any time, no need to worry about the tediousness of plate making. Heat transfer can use in different industries, the same printing can be suitable for leather industry, crystal industry, clothing industry etc.

  • The disadvantage(cons) of heat transfer printing t-shirt.

    Need professional heat transfer equipment. For ceramics, metals and other items, heat transfer coatings are required on the surface.

  1. The label feels a bit hard to the touch and has poor air permeability. It will be softer after washing, but the air permeability is still relatively poor.
  2. When the T-shirt is pulled horizontally, the label on it will have small cracks. This is caused by the characteristics of heat transfer label itself and cannot be avoided.
  3. After hot pressing heat transfer label on T-shirt, the color of the T-shirt will change slightly, such as white turns in slightly yellow. This is due to evaporation of the moisture in the T-shirt.
  4. When transferring label on target products, the position accuracy is hard to control, position offset often happens, so workers with rich experience are required.

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