Leather sew on labels

Its quite simple to attach leather labels sew on clothing or bags or any other products.
There are usually three methods to fix leather labels. That is sewing, cut holes sewing with strings, gluing.

The most common method is sewing. Sewing mainly have hand-sewing or machine-sewing. Sewing by hand is simple, you can sew it anywhere; However, sewing by machine is often done in factory where there are special machines. You need consider the thickness of leather labels according to the products when sewing, usually thinner, easier for sewing.

leather sew on labels 0815

Besides, you can cut holes to sew in leather labels, then penetrate leather string or other string, then sew on the target products.

leather sew on labels 0882

There is another method for fixing, that is adding glue at backside of leather labels. The glue is produced together with leather labels, you can glue directly onto the surface of your products.


All in all, sewing is most normal method, string or glue is simpler to fix, but the cost is relatively higher

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