Some suggestions to help you design stickers

First of all, don’t design too much information.
Stickers are often small, simply-made products with strong target which is to express sharp information or crux points, what’s more, their small dimension can contain too many letters or texts. We suggest you can use a few most important letters or a big logo in you design, choose a good color, then your sticker will look attractive.

logo sticker 0471

Secondly, pay attention to the colors you design (it depends on different occasions).
if you want your own stickers to be waterproof for outdoor use or something, then you have to choose plastic stickers. In these stickers, your design must be of simple color like just black or white or one-color logo due to technique limitation;
If you will use paper stickers or epoxy stickers, you can print any color even gradient color, you can also hot stamping gold or silver or other metallic color.

paper sticker 0480 epoxy sticker 0486

If you need holographic stickers, you just need design the shape and text position in stickers, don’t have to design the color because the color will match with holographic sticker background.

holographic sticker 0470 holographic sticker 0474

At last, if you want your own stickers more special, or you want us help you design, you can send your personal requests to our email or phone us directly, we will offer our more professional suggestions.

The features of holographic stickers

Holographic stickers, also called laser sticker labels, is created by using laser hologram-plate making technology and molding replication technology. The main function of holographic is anti-counterfeiting, and the cost is low while the anti-counterfeiting level is high, so that your products can well be protected from the forgers. Many people would use these kinds sticker sheets on important products to protect rights, like on certificates, on books, on credit cards etc.

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting sticker 0474 Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting sticker 0485

Another feature of holographic stickers is that the colors are always look shiny, dynamic and attractive due to special technique, they will show different color in different directions. Compared to normal stickers, holographic stickers will always catch people’s eyes at first sight, leading people feeling the authority of your products, and the desire to know more. Also, people will be more likely to trust the products with the holographic stickers.
Holographic stickers are waterproof of course. Shapes are usually die cut into square or round.

Laser holographic Discoloration sticker 0470 Laser holographic Discoloration sticker 0478

The cost is slightly higher than normal paper stickers, but not much. All in all, it is a good option for you to choose at labels industry.

What material is used for waterproof stickers?

Paper clothing stickers are very common, but usually not waterproof. When sometimes stickers have to meet the rain or water drops but need remaining undestroyed, some special material stickers need to stand out.

Paper sticker 0484

Plastic stickers, material from PET, vinyl, PVC etc. are absolutely waterproof. Many people will stick them on outdoor products like cars, umbrellas, outdoor chairs, or sometimes in basin, mops and so on. These stickers are very simple, thin in thickness, color is often clear background, print black or white logo, shapes can be customized anyway.

PET waterproof sticker 0482 vinyl waterproof sticker 0483 PVC waterproof sticker 0471

Another waterproof sticker is epoxy sticker, how are they made?
Firstly, use a normal paper sticker, print information or logo needed, then put the paper sticker into a mold, pour epoxy liquid on it, after cooling down, an epoxy sticker forms. Epoxy papers stickers are very thick(2-3mm), look very attractive with logo inside a “mirror” as the epoxy liquid is clear, accordingly, these stickers price is higher, Most people would use them on more luxury products like on the handle of table tennis paddle, or luxury pool side desks, or mobile phone backside.

epoxy waterproof sticker 0486


The functions of paper clothing stickers

Among all kinds of stickers, paper stickers are most common and widely used. Who will use it and what’s the functions?

Some people will use them to express their brands by sticking stickers on products surface like on furniture, pots, mirrors. These stickers will be full printed with logos or designs, or hot stamped gold or silver effect. Their shapes are die cut into variates- like a dog shape, like a drop of water. Anyway, these stickers are to express brands and look impressive.

brands sticker 0471

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Match hang tags styles to products styles

Hang tags styles are various: There are paper, plastic, metal, PVC etc. in material; round, rectangular, square, hexagon etc. in shape; to express company information, care instructions, thank you etc. in function. There are some suggestions to help you pick the right styles.

  1. The hang tag material is usually made of paper, and there is other material like metal, plastic, PVC. Paper hang tags are very common and mostly used in clothing and related products. If your clothing is of very strong feeling, like leather jacket and bags, you can use metal hang tag which is very shiny. If your clothing is swimwear or sportswear, you can use plastic or PVC tag as they are waterproof.
  2. Hang tags have different functions, they can be used to express your logo, press a picture, the tag should choose very good paper; then the tag can be used to show care instructions and show sizes, the paper can use very simple, appearance is not so important; some tags can even use as thank you card and business card, the paper is usually in large dimension.
    sizes logo hang tags 0895 instructions hang tags 0908
  3. Hang tags can have different shapes, most common shape is rectangular, square, round, but you can customize the shape according to your logo shape even your shape is even like a dog shape, that’s okay. 

    flower shapes hang tags 0906 Fox hang tags 0909
  4. Hang tags thickness are different. From 0.2mm to 2mm, you can choose according to your products style, the thicker paper, the heavier feeling. Most clothing will use 1mm thick around, earrings and necklace usually use very thin paper like 0.2mm paper.

    1mm thickness hang tags 0938 1mm thickness hang tags 0939


several techniques to create your logo on hang tag

After choosing the right material for hang tag, you need consider how to make your logo on hang tag- by printing, by pressing? Now there are some techniques to create your logo on hangtags.

  1. Printing. Its most used technique, it can print any color ideally like gradient color, pictures etc. One important note is that if you want to print very good effect while your logo color is very complex, pls choose art paper/coated paper.
    Printing hang tags 0911
  2. Pressing. It contains engraving and embossing by using a mold (your logo of course) to press on hang tag. Press in front, logo is engraved; press backside, logo is embossed. You can press hang tag either with printing first or not. Just bear in mind: your logo must be simple and of large fonts, so that the press effect is best.
  3. Hot stamping/foil. Firstly, put a very thin metal paper on hang tag, then hot press it, then your logo will leave on hang tag in metallic style, looks shiny. The normal metallic color is gold, silver, rose gold, besides there are many other different colors metallic paper you can choose.
  4. UV. UV is very simple; the main function is to make your logo looks shiny (like water shiny). UV is clear, without any color, so it will reflect the color of background, if background is black, UV is black; background is white, UV is white. Some designer would choose print first, then UV, so the logo looks very special.
    UV hang tags 0939

There may be of some other special technique to express your logo, you can send us reference pictures, we may meet your needs because we know the industry very well.

how to match hang tag with string?

The hangtag string is the connection between clothing and the hang tags. The matching of the hang tag and string is very important.

There are usually four options when choosing hang tag string

  1. Hang tag string with LOGO. This kind string can well express your high-end brand, suitable for luxury clothing. You can also choose different string color and material like polyester, cotton, ribbon, waxed cotton, leather etc., to match your tags and garments.
    high-end brand polyester Hang tag string with black LOGO high-end brand ribbon Hang tag string with gold LOGO
  2. Simple cotton rope, hemp rope, leather rope, nylon rope, ribbon and so on. With a chic safety pin, it looks simple but clean. It is not only convenient to remove, but also simple and beautiful, and the price is relatively low.
    black grosgrain ribbon With a silver safety pin white grosgrain ribbon With a gold safety pin
  3. There are also bullet hangtag string made of cotton, polyester and other ropes, also some Aluminum hangtag string without logo, the price is very cheap.
    grey bullet hang tag loops string made of waxed cotton black bullet hang tag loops string made of polyester
  4. There are also plastic hangtags string like buckle, needle, etc., the material is very clear, mainly used for thin clothing such as swimwear, underwear, t-shirts. The price is also very cheap.
    plastic hangtags string like buckle used for thin clothing swimwear plastic hangtags string like buckle is very cheap

    It is very important to choose the right string material according to your clothing. If you have any special needs, you can send us requests, we will try to meet your needs

How to choose the best metal eyelet for hang tag?

Adding metal eyelet to the hang tag can make the hang tag hole sturdier and wear-resistant, it can also make the hang tag more beautiful, and improve the grade of the hang tag.
It is very important to choose the right color, size and material of hang tag metal eyelet.

Hang tag metal eyelet can be divided into two types: electroplated eyelet and painted eyelet.

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How to design hang tag for your clothing?

Clothing tag is business card for clothing. To better express your clothing, you need design hang tag on clothing style.

  • How to design a tag for your clothing?
  1. Choose basic color according to clothing style. (such as your clothing is for women, you can choose special red.)
    Red hang tags 0899
  2. If your clothing style is difficult to express, or you want to express more details, consider using pictures. (For example, beach pants can choose pictures of coconut trees; pictures of models wearing products, can give consumers more intuitive feeling)
  3. Based on logo design, you can add website, ingredient description, origin, thank you words etc.
    (More information you have, more difficult to design. You need to grasp the primary and secondary relationships. Avoid reading difficulties.)
  4.  Using clothing style, logo and detailed information to determine tag shape and size. Firstly, you can sketch the design by hand.
    (Generally, the smallest printed font is 4pt, the smallest font with UV effect is 6pt)
  5. Choose suitable paper thickness, background texture and string.
    hang tags 0936
  6. Adding technique, like logo embossed, hot-stamping, UV and other effects according to your clothing grade (can better distinguish between primary and secondary)

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