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Metal tags can improve the quality of jewelry and promote the brand. Customizing metal tags for jewelry is a wise choice.
We are custom metal jewelry tags supplier, with more than 10 years of production experience and convenient custom services. You can choose various logo processes and metal materials for metal tags.

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Custom high quality metal jewelry tags, it is very important to choose the materials of metal tags.
There are many different metal materials that can be made into metal tags, like alloy, iron, Aluminum, steel, copper etc. Which material is best? Our more than 10 years’ experience confirm that is zinc alloy. Why? In below aspects the reasons will be revealed.

Metal tags color

Jewelry needs to be matched with smooth, bright, and color riches metal tags.
The zinc alloy has a smooth surface and rich colors. Because it is easier to electroplate colors than other metal material, so it can be electroplated many different colors like gold, rose gold, silver, brass, gun metal black etc. Besides electroplating, it can also engraved logo tags, fill logo of any color and laser flat logo.

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From color fasten. Zinc alloy metal label is preservative, the color will not fade after washing even in salt water, and it will not get rusty.

Metal tags cost

From production technique: We all know metal labels is created from mold in which the metal liquid is poured and cooled before the metal label shape forms. Therefore, the metal must be easy to melt and clot at certain temperature. The zinc alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity, is easy for welding and shape forming. So, the cost of choosing zinc alloy as a metal jewelry tag will be relatively low. For start-up companies, they are more widely used.

We serve small businesses around the world. If you need custom metal jewelry tags, please send us your custom requirements: size, shape, color, etc. We can provide you with professional advice and free design assistance.

Hang tag string suppliers

Any suppliers of hang tag string will say they provide best quality products at the time of publicity, but the results often come out disappointingly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific basis to determine whether the supplier’s hang tag string is of high quality. Such as hang tag string design, hang tag string technology, hang tag string material, etc.

  • Hang tag string design: According to the design, the strength of the supplier can be judged from the side, whether it is innovative. If there is no difference between the design of the supplier and the market, it means that the suppliers are not innovative enough.


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Hang tag string material | Cotton hang tag string

How to choose string materials for hang tag string?
It needs not only match with the snap lock, but also match with brand styles. Usually the string material include polyester hang tag string. Cotton hang tag string, hemp hang tag string, paper hang tag string. Satin hang tag string, leather hang tag string. Plastic hang tag string, nylon hang tag string, metallic hang tag string, elastic string etc.

  • Polyester hang tag string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, not easy to bend etc.
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Custom hang tag with string, the size must be considered

Hang tag string usually are connected with hang tags. So, custom hang tag with string, the size must be considered, especially the string end diameter.

The hang tags will leave a hole or metal eyelet for the string to penetrate. The string end diameter must be smaller than the hole diameter or eyelet diameter.

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The hang tag string length is also important, if hang tag is large, the string needs to be longer; if hang tag is small, the string needs to be short and thin.

String seal tag | Plastic hang tag string

In this article, the hang tag string we talk about is the string seal with logo.

Hang tag string is relatively rare in categories, mainly in plastic string seal tag, Aluminum string seal tag, epoxy string seal tag, metal string seal tag etc.

  • Plastic hang tag string is most common, it is by putting plastic liquid into a mold, connecting the string, after drying, printing color on the seal, then cutting into pieces. Plastic hang tag string can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap.

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Size of paper bags | standard size of paper bags

Many clients would ask “what is the standard size of paper bags” before paper bags customised. We would say that there is no standard size, but there are some regular size which most customers have produced before. In same industry, the bags size used are often similar. Here are some regular size for your reference.

In shopping industry like supermarket, regular size of paper bags are:
Option1: 400mm×285mm×80mm
Option2: 320mm×260mm×40mm

shopping bags sizes 400mm 285mm 80mm shopping bags sizes 320mm 260mm 40mm

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